Why Many Athletes Exposed to Infections Covid-19?

Why Many Athletes Exposed to Infections Covid-19?

By Vi | Pojok | 6 Apr 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is increasingly endemic throughout the world. Many sports competitions had to be delayed or even canceled to reduce the risk of further spread of outbreak COVID-19. Many countries have implemented various businesses.

Professional athletes, including soccer players, can not be separated from virus threats COVID-19 which is endemic throughout the world. Some big names have tested positive for this virus such as Daniel Rugani, Mikael Arteta, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Patrick Cutrone, and Paulo Dybala. In addition to football players, some athletes from other branches such as basketball, bikes, baseball, golf, and others also exposed to virus infection COVID-19.

Many asked, why many athletes could be exposed to this virus? Though what we know is an athlete must have a fit and healthy body. Then, they are always accompanied by experts so that nutritional intake is always guaranteed. With a healthy body and adequate nutrition, athletes should also have a high level of immunity. Isn't it said that one way to avoid this virus is to maintain immunity?

Sports Science in the field of training knows a curve that shows the relationship between intensity in training with one level of immunity. Doing sports activities in certain portions can indeed increase body immunity.


But apparently, the intensity of exercise is not always directly proportional to immunity. There is a point where if someone does a harder exercise than that it will make the body's immunity decrease. This theory is known as the J-Curve wherein the curve like the letter J indicates that exercise is too heavy would make the body's immunity to be weak, even weaker than people who do not exercise.

Professional soccer players and elites athletes from other branches will certainly force their bodies to exceed the limit to show performance above the level of ordinary people. To achieve that level of exercise they do is certainly not a mediocre workout. Almost every day of his life an athlete will train the body at a level above normal human abilities.

In this condition, an athlete has a weak immune condition. His body may be fit and strong. He can have extraordinary muscle strength. But that does not mean he has the same immunity. Besides, they are also athletes who suffered Over Training Syndrome. The Soccerilaz explains Over Training Syndrome happens to someone who does excessive exercise couple with other stresses in his life such as emotions, anxiety, financial, and others. This condition makes the body fail in carrying out physiological adaptations and triggers a decrease in physical performance.

Excessive exercise also causes trauma to skeletal muscle tissue and the formation of proinflammatory cytokines. This makes the body vulnerable to disease, especially the respiratory tract. In sports science, this condition is called the open window period.

The decision of sports federations to stop competition is very appropriate. Because the treatment of COVID-19 is not just present to the fans who are present in the crowd of sports matches, but also to athletes who do not have good immunity due to physical exhaustion after hard training and competition.

We all must be aware of how the current conditions threaten all people without exception. A professional athlete who has a regular life pattern with facilities secure and surrounded by experts alone could be infected with COVID-19. Moreover, we are ordinary people with lifestyles and irregular eating patterns.

The Government encouragement to stay home and reduce social activity outside that is not important is correct and should be implemented in a disciplined manner to reduce the spread of this epidemic more broadly.

Stay safe everyone.


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