screenshot of my being promoted! - Awesome thing just happened.

By BitsForDays | Crypto Mining Games | 22 Mar 2021

HOLY FORKING SHIRTBALLLS that just freaking happened lol.

So if you've read my blog/post about - post (yeah shortened it) lol

You'll know that i really enjoy the website and i went in pretty deep with explaining most of the site. 
Well, ive been there for a while now and i talk to the owner whenever hes in the chat and gotten pretty friendly.
**Yeah hurry up already and spit it out**

FINE FINE FINE lol. I actually today, got to become a part of the site! which im SUPER FRICKEN stoked about because ive never gotten to be a part of any site ive used other than ya know, signing up lol. Im officially, Helper status! (basically like a mod but slightly less ability? - iDC MY NAMES BLUEEEE Lol (yes im aware im like a child right now) - then ill eventually make moderator status!! so awesome)

im really excited about this and the updates to come are going to be super fricken cool with what hes working on currently so stay tuned for some more updates and some really cool feautures you wont find at other places. 

Come Join Me Over at Contract-Miner!!!! FORK YEAAH

Get to be a part of it <3


And i wont post my referral spam anymore instead ill just link to my little blog post about all of the ones i use, and what theyre good for! (definitely a must check out list of goodies)

God Tier Referral List of Epic Crypto Goodies (haha im ridiculous i know) (yes its a publis0x post dont worry)


As always, Stay gaining <3 Much love. See ya real soon! We out!


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i like crypto! and making money! Definitely an avid fan of crypto gaming and a little bit of crypto winning (not gambling if you know how to win haha). Check my blogs out for tips and tricks and fun screenshot wins from my adventures.

Crypto Mining Games
Crypto Mining Games

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