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Contract Mining - Mining Simulator -NEW to me - Super Fun and Rewarding crypto game

By BitsForDays | Crypto Mining Games | 17 Mar 2021

Today I’d like to introduce you to - (this one goes pretty in depth with the screenshots and a explanations because i love it so much lol ) 

Contract Mining Game -

Pretty awesome newish site, to start off it gives you a  basic mining usb stick looking miner. You then get to attach it to its CMC mining pool. From there you have to earn enough to get new miners and purchase power supplies, as well as upgrading your residence. All in all, it’s a really cool game, details with some screenshots below! Definitely one I’m gonna stick with for a long time !!! If ya use my referral lemme know, I’ll figure out some sort of reward for the downlink! (like I have for gigabet)

At the start we have the dashboard - simple easy to use. Claim reward points every 15 minutes with an Hcaptcha or recapcha. Super simple. Easy way to stack enough to buy upgraded miners ( not tons of points but enough that it would take you a day or two to get moving with them and the offerwalls)! the dashboard view (seen below).  also has a realtime chat box where you can chat with people, the owner is always in there too ! hes a chill dude - named TheKingaJew - make sure ya stop in and say hi because (and heres the cool part about the chat) YOU GET REWARD POINTS for chatting with people. You can only withdraw the reward points to your balance when you hit 100 chat RP. Obviously dont make it spam and be ridiculous but i think thats a nice touch on the chat, incentive to communicate with others :) also gives you your overall stats and at the bottom are shortcuts to the offerwalls they offer! (which are very heavily verified through the providers so definitely wanna be legit with them). Dashboard View


-Miners - view and arrange your miners and power units ! a definite must look for your mining info as well as the 
"mining " console which tells you everything about your mining status and pool status etc.  Also displays the offerwall shortcuts down below.




-Top tier (high lvl requirement) Miners - Pro tip - check the miner resale marketplace for higher than your level miners for sale for a little bit more than they would cost in the store! i just bought an antminer s4 and some quadcubes that i wouldnt be able to get for a while had they not been there! -

top Tier miners



power units



Loot Boxes - Click the 4 little boxes to the left of the CM emblem up on top! this brings up a menu you can scroll down to find this and the COIN flip RP game. both awesome. can get timed MH/s or reward points from this box! claim one daily, and also one weekly, as Well as, you guessed it... ONE monthly! lol

loot boxes


Coin Flip ! --- simple game. heads or tails baby! you win, You get 60 RP.. but if you lose. OH WAIT YOU STILLLLLLLL get 25 rp. cant argue with that now can we haha. <3.  costs nothing to play!  also its tricky to find it if you dont know how to navigate, Click the 4 boxes next to the CM emblem on top left of your screen, scrolll down and youll see it about halfway scrollable distance :) enjoy

coin flip


Here (below) you find the page you get to when you click auto miner out of the top bar line!. it gives you all of the info you need on the pool youre conneted to as well as your block rewards calculated via your Mh/s! also, still has the offerwalls shortcuts as well! 


autominer page


OFFERWALLS!!! - Pretty self explanatory if youve ever been on any kind of earning site, youre probably already familiar with most of these task/s surveys etc.  But here, there are PAYOUT DELAYS, depending on how big of a cmc points you get, it can take anywhere from instantly (small under 100 cmc i think) and then the over 20,000 if i remeber correctly can take up to 10 days!... Recently i had a 43000 cmc offer, it did in fact take 14 days to credit it to me which is fair, but i now have the higest level of everything i can have for my current level. cool stuff in there from app installs to surveys! decent payouts compared to other sites as well so ENJOY!!! 





And LAST!!!!!!!!!!!

But certainly not least - The withdrawals page - CMC 

So cmc is the coin you get from mining/referrals mining/ and the coins you will use to convert to CMCI coins - HOWEVER DO NOT CONVERT ALL OF YOUR COINS unless you plan on using them all in the shops or otherwise, the cmci are sitewide non transferrable currency used to buy miners and properties. Minimum of 250 CMC to withdraw in bitcoin or doge through Cedson Hub. Or you can use faucetpay.i havent withdrawn yet but i do plan on doing so in the future!


Overall - Yes i think its a kick ass way to kill time. Yes i will continue to play it for as long as its around.  Upsides - free crypto in the background all day mining with your hashrate.. Cool chat members, no beggars like other crypto sites with chats. it will soon be a love for you as well if ya check it out.,.  Downside, cmc isnt worth a whole lot of doge or btc on its way out (withdraw) and i dont think there are any direct faucet pay options but i will edit this and eat my words if i can find it when i try to withdraw :) .  Thats the only bad i can think of lol 


Referrals - - (signup, wager 100$, Get 25 TRX free from me)

Doge Mining site - (legit) -

Horizen (ZEN) Faucet -

ZEC and DOGE Faucet -

Contract Mining Game -

Mining Game -

Coin XYO Geomining -

FREE 2x Cloud boost for limited time -

***NEW DICE GAME - BITCRUSH ARCADE*** - - Testing it out after March 17Th 2021

i wont post links to pages i dont personally use! So please enjoy!


Thanks For Reading my posts! I'm looking forward to feedback on any of the things and i can even do a step by step video to help people if i get enough requests for help with something I've talked about!..
Have an awesome day night or whenever you are existing :D

and as always!!!!! <3 Much love. See ya real soon!

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