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Upland: a blockchain powered property trading game

By MrHuman88 | Crypto, Memes, Coding | 12 Feb 2021

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about a fun new game called Upland.

The game is similar to Monopoly.

First you have to register, use my link to get a starting bonus

upland referreal bonus 6000 upx


Then you need to select a player and a color.

Then you need to select a city between San Francisco and Fresno.

I decided to start in Fresno to take advantage of its lower property prices.

Upland start Fresno splash screen


The main mechanic of the game, like in Monopoly, is to move around and buy properties.

The properties you own pay an annual rent to you.

The money of the game is called UPX.

To help new players some properties are sold at a discount.

These properties are called FSA properties (Fair Start Act properties).

Upland Fair Start Act FSA 

The interface is very intuitive.

To interact with a property just click on it.

Here for example I'm buying an FSA property.

Upland buying an FSA property


The properties color codes are:

Gray: unminted (never minted on the blockchain). These properties have never been owned, you would essentially be creating them for the first time on the grey outlined “area”. Minting will give you the mint price from the system.
Light blue: owned by someone else, not listed for sale (but you can still make an offer).
Dark green: owned by someone else, listed for sale with price (you can buy at price or make a different offer).
Dark blue: your properties (owned by you).
Light green: properties in “discovery range” of your explorer.


As you can see these are real world streets and properties.

The map is a replica of the real world.

I find this cool.

Another interesting thing about this game is that ownership and uniqueness of properties is cryptographically secured.

The game is behind the scenes leveraging EOS blockchain to create "mint" NFTs.

Every property is an NFT (non fungible token) on the EOS blockchain.

Every user has a EOS wallet.


By buying certain combinations of properties you can get a one time bonus and a boost on your annual rent payment.

These combinations are called collections.

Here is my second collection.

upland collection king of the street


After 1 hour of playing I own six properties and 2 collections for a total value of 8120 UPX.

upland profile


There are other modalities of play like treasure hunt and live events.

When you level up and have enough money you can move to San Francisco and then to New York.

The game is under intense development.

Later the ability to build will be implemented.

The ability to start business and sell products will be implemented too.

This game is fun and addictive.

If the user base grow enough the game should be able to evolve complex real life economic dynamics.

You can follow the development of the game on twitter and on discord.


If you want to play the game remember to use my link to get the registration bonus ->


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Crypto, Coding, Memes

Crypto, Memes, Coding
Crypto, Memes, Coding

Crypto, Memes, Coding

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