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Gooddollar: UBI on the blockchain

By MrHuman88 | Crypto, Memes, Coding | 4 Mar 2021

Gooddollar is an universal basic income experiment backed by eToro.

From a technical standpoint it uses the ethereum sidechain to have low fees and fast transaction times.

The token is backed by eth and dai deposited in a smart contract.

So a minimum value (a floor) is guaranteed by the backing.

At this moment its value is something around 1 USD = 3000 GoodDollar, you can check this price on but keep in mind that the project only recently reached the 183.000 users milestone, so Metcalfe's law still has to reach its full potential.

dai gooddollar swap rate

To make the onboarding process as seamless as possible they have choosen a web first mobile first approach (you don't need to download any wallet).

I've registered using the email and the whole process is flawless indeed.

I thinks this project is going to succeed in his mission.

If you want to start getting your Gooddollars please consider using my referreal link this way you are going to receive an extra 50G$ bonus.

I hope this was useful to you.


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Crypto, Coding, Memes

Crypto, Memes, Coding
Crypto, Memes, Coding

Crypto, Memes, Coding

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