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By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 23 May 2020


About Us
We at IQONIQ love the Sport & Entertainment Industry. Our team is proud to work on this
project which will bring Fans and Idols closer to each other. We want to reward fans for
their engagement and provide them the best experience on one single

Who we are?

IQONIQ is set to revolutionize the sports & entertainment world.


Existing social networking sites are not tailor-made for fan engagement

Mission & Vision

To become the number 1 fan engagement platform


The App:

The IQONIQ App is developed, but we are launching it in August/September when the new Football season 20/21 starts.
The upcoming IQONIQ app will reward fan engagement with special tokens that will give them unique benefits and features such as:

  • Chats with idols

  • Exclusive content and memberships

  • Premium discounts at webshops

  • Members-only signed merchandise

  • VR/AR broadcast

Link to the Contest

Give out your unique referral link on the selected social channels below. Every qualified referral gets you closer to a new stretch goal and the Grand Prize raffle for a VIP Monaco 2021 F1 trip and €5k in IQONIQ tokens PLUS a referral raffle for a travel and accommodation paid Champions League Semi Final match!

By signing up you’ve just joined the waiting list, from which people will be selected to try out the IQONIQ app. This is how it works:

  1. You start at the bottom of the waiting list with everyone else who signs up.
  2. Each person you refer who qualifies as a sign up through your referral link bumps you up one position in the waiting list.
  3. There will be two raffles. The Grand Prize raffle will be entered by all participants and the Referral raffle will be entered by the top 30 participants only. The Grand Prize raffle winner will be awarded a Monaco F1 2021 VIP experience + €5,000 in IQONIQ tokens. The Referral raffle winner will be awarded travel and accommodation paid trip to watch selected EU Semi Final and Finals football matches. 
  4. Several milestones are structured along your journey up the waiting list. Reaching every milestone guarantees you win the associated prize, regardless of your final position on the waiting list.


Contest ends 13/6/2020! The distribution date of IQQ tokens hasn't been set yet.

For more info:
- Whitepaper
- Website
- Contact
- Twitter
- Facebook
- LinkedIN

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