Pavel Durov has released a new cryptocurrency for Telegram

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 13 Jan 2024

Hi to all there.

You, maybe, know about Notcoin or, maybe, not)

Notcoin is a new Telegram meme coin created by the Telegram team. It is also a gaming bot application in which you can generate a token by simply clicking a button.

What do you need?
- A phone.
- Telegram application.
- Fingers as clicker.

How to start clicking?
Register at the telegram bot
1. In the bot app, we are greeted by a huge button that allows us to mine (earn) the cryptocurrency notcoin.
2. If you are a beginner, you will have 2500 notcoins in your balance.
3. First of all, you need to upgrade your account. At the same time, you need to start clicking on the notcoin button.
4. At first, you will have 1 unit per click, but that's okay. Keep clicking until you run out of energy.
In the process of clicking, a rocket may come out - do not miss it!


Next, we need to click the Boosts button (bottom right).

In what order is it better to boost? Let's get straight to the point in order of priority with the following description of each.

Recharging speed - how fast your energy will be replenished. I put it first, because the faster the energy is replenished, the better. nocoin should be enough for you to reach level 2 at the initial stage.
Energy Limit - Each pumping gives +500 energy. Pump it second. The more energy you have, the higher the mining (earnings). I advise you to pump twice at once to level 2.
Multitap - Each pumping gives +1 to tap. Please note that Multitap does not increase earnings, it is more for your convenience. With it, you click less on the screen. I advise you to upgrade to level 1 at the initial stage.
Tap Bot is actually an important boost. It costs 20,000 notcoins, but you can buy it only when you are in the silver league (it is not difficult to get there - just click for an hour). The bot acts as an auto-clicker when you are not in the app or when you are sleeping. I advise you to buy it as soon as possible.
Additional ways to earn money are daily free boosts. Don't miss them. Follow the link, start clicking and collecting NOTCOIN right now.

Tap "Earn" there are many tasks for 100k Notcoins & tasks are pretty simple

P.S1: At this moment I stopped at 10th lvls of speed & energy (but you can use other way you want). I just accumulate my coins...
P.S2: I think the first listing of Notcoin will be at OKX exchange. Second - at Binance or Bybit


Best Regards...


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