✨ New listings on OKX,, Bitrue, Uniswap & PancakeSwap: Ice Network (ICE) - Mining has stopped!

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 15 Jan 2024

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New York, March 24, 2023 - The official launch of ice Network, a decentralized social crypto project with the goal of fostering community, trust, and transparency in the financial system, has been set for April 4, 2023, at 04:04 GMT+4. Ice Network seeks to transform the world of decentralized networks and digital currencies with a distinctive combination of features and guiding ideas.

- free mining using your phone
- no resources or battery consumption
- decentralized network
- available on both Android and iOS*

*"We've completed the web light version for iOS users, which will be released once back-end bugs are fixed. Apple has expedited our app submission review, and we hope for approval in the coming weeks. Regardless of Apple's timeline, the web light version will be available for iOS users."

Mining ice is free:
- All you need is an invitation from an existing trusted* member of the network:
Invitation code - cryptomd
- Download the mobile app
- To start earning ice, you need to check in every 24 hours by tapping the ice button to begin your daily mining session.
*I am a verified user (having passed 2 KYC steps at this time).

- They have very big audience in social media & this is USA based project.
- Mainnet will launch on 7 of October 2024 (their own blockchain).
- To increase your mining speed you can complete social media tasks (you can find them at main page - scroll a bit down), stake a bit of ICE (up to +35% to mining speed) & invite you friends.
- After 12 hours from the start of the current mining session, you can start a new one (it's very convenient).

Actions to do till 28 of February:
- Pass the Quiz: All users must successfully pass the quiz available in the app.
- Add BNB Smart Chain Address: It's essential to add your BNB Smart Chain address to your account to receive the distribution.
- Tap to Mine: Even though earning is stopped, users must continue tapping the Ice button in the app every 24 hours to avoid slashing before February 28.
Failure to complete these steps will result in the loss of your distribution of Ice coins.

BSC Contract Address

Ethereum Contract Address

Useful links:
Ice Network Telegram channel.
OKX announced the listing of ICE. announced the listing of ICE
ICE Trading is now open on PancakeSwap on the BSC network!
Ice is now listed on Uniswap
Bitrue Will List Ice (ICE1)

Referral link to OKX
- You and your friend will each receive a Mystery Box when your friend logs in to the OKX app and completes identity verification within 7 days after signing up.
- You and your friend will each earn an additional Mystery Box when your friend buys or deposits more than 50 USDT worth of crypto in a single transaction. Every Mystery Box comes with crypto rewards worth up to 50 USDT. The rewards include BTC, ETH, DOT, and rebate cards. You can check your rewards in Rewards center.

Referral link to
20% - Your share & 20% - People you invited share

Referral link to Bitrue
Up to $1,000 in rewards

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