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By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 6 May 2024

As you’ve probably known and understood, currently TON (Telegram Open Network) ecosystem is growing very fast.


Below you can see Telegram bots rated by my rating (DYOR):


1. Hot (Near blockchain)


You need to deposit at least 0.55 NEAR to your Near wallet to do several tasks for boosting your mining speed/storage.

You can join the Telegram channel & get some HOT almost every day by doing simple tasks.


2. Blum (link 1), Blum (link 3) — All Crypto = One App (Backed by Binance Labs)

Bloomberg: "Ex-Binance Executives Set Up New Crypto Exchange"


Just click "Start Farming" every 8 hours & invite friends (max. 10 friends per an account.).

Please, if you do not wish to participate! - Do not use the links above!


3. Hamster Kombat


You can confidently upgrade all cards (tab "Mine") in a row up to level 14, and then consider profitability and upgrade some to level 15.

Daily log in & collect your rewards (tab "Earn") - 6,649,000 coins for 10 consecutive days. All other tasks in this tab are very cheap.

I think they will give away different NFTs = cards you purchased & levels of CEO (screen below) you reached and convert your earned coins to their tokens.



4. TapSwap (Solana blockchain)


Boost "Recharging speed" + buy "Tap bot" (tab "Boost") & collect your tokens every 12 hours.

🎉 Hello, 10 million strong community! 🎉
Are you ready to exchange your hard-earned Shares for Taps?
Save the date: Taps Pool is launching on May 30th!
Get ready for a whole new level of earning potential! 💰💪


5. Cryptocurrency exchange CEX was founded in 2013. As one of the oldest market participants, CEX offers a rich ecosystem of easy-to-use, secure solutions for buying, storing, trading, selling, sending and earning digital assets.

CEX on CoinMarketCap

1. Register on the CEX exchange.

It is necessary to pass verification by documents (I used a foreign passport)

2. Join to the CEX Telegram bot using the email from point 1.

The bot has 2 modes (working in parallel):


- Clicker (gives 1000+ clicks per day - "Tap" tab)


- Miner (Collect CEXP every 4 hours - "Farm" tab)

Additionally, complete tasks in the “Tasks” tab.



6. Vertus (16th by rating Telegram wallet, out of 41 in the list)


Boost your Farm/Safe deposit/Town (tab "Upgrade") & collect VERT tokens.

7. Pixel Wallet (Ethereum layer 2)

To all my active refferals I will send 2 SGB! Join to the Tg Channel & leave your @nickname in comments below the post about Pixel Wallet.

You can buy SGB on MEXC (SGB/USDT) exchange (My ref. code 1Jn7p - Thank you!).

Boost your Storage/Drill/Ref. Storage (if needed) in the tab "Build".

Tab "Quests" - receive additional 3 free claims.




8. Harvest MOON (Near blockchain)


Create a wallet in the bot and connect to the app.

Harvest MOON is a blockchain application (NEAR), and all transactions occur in the smart contract, while MOON tokens are actually sent to our account since it's a real cryptocurrency. Just like with HOT (1), Pixel Wallet (6).

NOTE: You will need to deposit some NEAR for gas fee


9. Pocketfi


I don't perform any paid actions there.

I simply claim tokens every 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours, but not later than the 6th hour.

Tokens collected for 6 hours and not claimed are burned, and the collection process begins again!

10. xBlast (Ethereum layer 2 & Omni chain in the near future)


Use the boosts to increase your mining speed (tab "Boost" - X icon then click on the rocket icon).

Do the simple daily tasks (tab "Missions") to claim wXBL every 24 hours.

NOTE: You can buy Refining machine to convert wXBL to XBL.

I didn't do it! But DYOR.



11. Qappi Miner

You need to deposit 1 Matic to you wallet (upper right corner of the screen.) for transactions fees.

Click on rocket. Boost your Mining speed/Storage/Turbo.

Screen below shows my current levels of boosts (I've spent 0.877 Matic):



12. Catizen

It’s very strong project but I pretty lazy to merge cats often and I don't buy autobot (That's why the last place in the ranking).

You can collect 10 tokens each day by logging into the app and visiting their website (click on the "Earn" icon).





Future launches:

Yescoin (Early access)


At first, I bought an auto-clicker and raised the levels of other boosts for passive mining (tab "Boost"). Offline mining starts 10 minutes after you leave the game and lasts up to 24 hours (max. lvl)

This is early access, so we'll see what happens next).


Better late than never!..


Best Regards!









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