is the first socially powered search engine for the travel and tourism industry is the first socially powered search engine for the travel and tourism industry

By Crypto_MD | Crypto _MD | 10 Dec 2019


What is is an innovative social network and a search engine solely dedicated to the travel and tourism. Our purpose is to allow travellers to easily connect with other travellers, communities and trusted travel-related content that inspire and entertain. aims to reshape the way travellers find information, plan a trip, journal and share their travel experiences. Based on reliable information, ratings and reviews created by and for travellers, you have access to trustworthy travel services and experiences. is also used to share postcards, videos, journals, stories or reviews, and to instantly connect with other travellers around the world.

What makes unique?

It is you, the traveller, who makes unique.

 The platform elevates the traveller above targeted marketing and other search engine gimmicks, and puts you in control of posting, reviewing and sharing only travel-related content tailored to your topics of interest.
 This simple, yet innovative principle allows the platform to better "understand" the traveller’s behaviour regarding the search for information and objectives. You become "guided" by other travellers and their lived experiences.

Why the name

The wordplay invites all users to guide other travellers. This is possible by writing engaging content about the places they've visited, favourite restaurants and hotels, great activities or indirectly - by showing their appreciation with Flaps or ratings.

How does work?

It's genuinely simple - a traveller starts with a postcard, a journal entry, a story or a review, to which he assigns a title and a location.

 If there is no other post from that location, a new location page is automatically created, serving as a display of all content related to it.
Every page created on has its own chat, its most influential ambassadors, contains all the postcards from that specific location and shows the total number of Flaps received. All other users, starting with friends, those who the user watches, are able to see all the new posts and show their empathy towards it, by giving Flaps, writing comments or sharing the posts.
 The Flaps received for a post contribute to the total number of Flaps of the dedicated page to which it belongs. The total number of Flaps on page is an indicator showing the degree of satisfaction of all users with respect to that location. This makes a social platform with a unique focus on landmarks, sights, landscapes, historical places, natural wonders and many other amazing things, as opposed to the fairly egocentric approach of most social networks.


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