Bitcoin over bonds - Billionaire investor Ray Dalio reveals he owns Crypto and said he’d rather invest in cryptocurrencies than buy bonds.

What a day it has been for the crypto market. Positive news like;

Goldman Sachs considering Bitcoin as an investable asset.

Large companies like the IT giants Globant adding cryptocurrencies to their portfolio.

I think it's the perfect way to end the bear run in the Crypto market, even if it doesn't end yet, news like these are definitely good for the long run.

The latest positive news of the day surrounding the crypto market is the news that billionaire investor Ray Dalio revealed he has hands in bitcoin and said he’d rather invest in cryptocurrencies than buy bonds.
"I have some bitcoin," said the founder of Bridgewater Associates, on Monday. He didn't reveal how much he owned though. He also added that as Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular investors might choose to invest in crypto than bonds backed by the government.
Additionally, he revealed that he would rather invest in crypto than bonds.
But he also warned about the possible government crackdowns on crypto "I suspect that Bitcoin’s biggest risk is being successful because if it’s successful, the government will try to kill it and they have a lot of power to succeed," said Dalio. Because as the crypto becomes more popular than bonds, governments could lose control over their ability to raise money.


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