KuCoin now has BNB$ Binance Coin, transfer with less fees using Binance Smart Chain and say god bye to High gas Fee's!

KuCoin now has BNB$ Binance Coin, transfer with less fees using Binance Smart Chain and say god bye to High gas Fee's!

If you are a fan of Binance coin (BNB) but can't use Binance because of your location there is a new place to trade it.  KuCoin is my favorite Crypto trading platform.  It's up there with Binance, almost the same set up.  I was so upset when I found out I couldn't use binance.com or binance.us because my state doesn't allow it.  Sure there are probably some ways around it with VPN's, but I don't like the idea of any of my crypto being locked up for some silly reason.





    Kucoin is much more advanced trading platform just like binance.  If you are still a beginner it's a great place to learn how to trade with bigger platforms with so many choices.  Kucoin often has Air Drops, contests that are fun, Double, triple Staking.  All around a great platform for all your trading needs with a selection of coins that are almost as much as binance.  Kucoin now offers BNB$ trading up to 50x leverage.  BNB is now the 4th most popular coin while writing this. Kucoin's Pool X is a spectacular, easy way to stake coins.  They often have extra Staking events.  Ex. There may be 14% interest on UNI for a specific amount of days.  They also have a lending platform, which I don't care much for.  Now if you had a lot of coins to keep on the side to lend.  Then that would be very beneficial.  With more BNB events coming up as well.

But, Man am I glad I HODLed my BNB and forgot about it..lol..  I had about 4 BNB sitting in my account for a year or 2 and suddenly my account said over $2,000 USD.  Don't you love it when you find money that you forgot you stashed somewhere.  :)

At least I was able to go Binance and transfer the coins to Kucoin, fast and simple.  BNB is one of those coins that you need to buy some and HoDL for a long time.  Some coins I trade like nothing, and some coins you just have to HOdL on to.  BNB is one of those coins.  Also pairing BTC/BNB on trading makes big bucks.

   Just FYI, if you have BNB somewhere get a wallet that accepts both Binance and Binance Smart Chain.  It's so much cheaper than paying ETH gas.  That was a new one for me.  I have tried plenty of crypto trading platforms, Kucoin is my favorite.  Trust Wallet works great if you need to transfer BNB, just make sure you convert BNB to BNB Smart Chain and use proper Smart Chain addresses.

It's been a long time since I wrote here, but I am back.  Not sure anyone cares though, but that's ok. :)  I missed this place and all the people I  met here.  Hope everyone made it out alive and not broke during this crazy market.  :)

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KCS will be to the MOON just like BNB has grown.  Same concept. FREE KCS$!!!

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KuCoin has their own coin like BNB called KCS, Get them while they are cheap. $$KCS$ is the new $$BNB$$

if you had a chance to buy BNB$ when it was just $30 or below.  KCS will keep raising up as well as BNB.


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Crypto Markets vs. Stock Markets
Crypto Markets vs. Stock Markets

HELLO My Name is Lilly some friends call me LILLY V. and I am a trading Addict! Don't mind me and my random blabber mouth talking about which portfolio won for the moment. My Stock Market Portfolio vs. My Crypto Portfolio.

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