Writting for a week - Day 1 (Portfolio and Philosophy)

I am trying something new. I was inspired by @tarazkp and his daily writing, so for now I am starting small, and I want to write every day for a week. I do not know how easy or hard it is, but I am willing to try.

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Today subject will be a funny one, as I was reading a poem by Rumi (persian mystic and poet) and I was suprised how much of it I can apply on crypto. Is that because I am only thinking at crypto, or are his poems timeless and true. I do not know for sure, but I will start.

  1. What is Poison? Anything that you get more than necessary is poison. Power, wealth, hunger, ego, avidity, lazyness, love, ambition, hate or anything else.

Think at your portfolio. If you are overexposed, and you got too much of one crypto, you will lose more than it is necesarry if that one goes down all the way. We live in a world of rumours, and one of them can tank your favorite. Extablish what is the right amount and keep it there. If it is growing, take the extra and look for other good invetments. Or take your profits and enjoy the rewards, go in a holiday or buy something you like. I never understood the ones holding forever, without a clear plan. Find a decent percentage, being that 2% or 5% and when the money are up, take the profit.

  1. What is Fear? Not accepting the uncertainty. If you expect the unexpected, the fear will transmute into adventure.

FOMO and FUD are two aspects of the fear that you may hear about quite often in the crypto-world. Fearing of missing out will make you buy your token at a higher price, and it is easier to avoid doing an average, buying small amounts repeatedly. Fearing the uncertain future will make you to sell early, losing money. You can avoid this doing your research and buying solid projects, that will grow sooner or later. And wait for the right moment. If I buy this one and I plan to sell half when is 100% up, I may just do that. I will not expect for 150%. I will get my profit, and I will invest it in another promising project, with no regrets. I bought BTC at 80$, I think, and sold at 300$. I used the money to get what I needed at that moment, and I even bought some ETH with some money. Got ETH at 40, and sold at 180. Used some to buy Litecoin with 2$. I regret nothing. And I am keep doing that.

  1. What is Envy? Not accepting that something good happen to others. If we accept this, the envy will transmute is inspiration.

There is also another aspect here. We tend to compare ourselves with others, and we want what they have, but in reality, we only need to be better than us one day before, one week before, one month before. We can get inspired, but we only need to be our own measure. Many of us tends to forget and it is easily to despair comparing ourselves with other people life on twitter or other media platform. Not all that you see it is true, though. Many pictures and points of view are just manufactured to look good, to impress and get followers, fame, investors and the show is going on and on. Or as Bene Gesserit explain it: ''Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past, I will turn the inner eye to see its path.''

  1. What is Fury? Not accepting the circumstances that we cannot control. Once you accepted, the fury will transmute into tolerance.

As you get angry, your view upon the world and your perception is altered. Bad decisions can be easily made, once you are slightly out of balance. As one of my teachers use to say, everything happens for a reason, but sometimes the reason is that you are just tired, stupid or out of balance and you make bad decisions. You know that moment when you buy the dip, and the dip got even deeper. One of that mind altering moments. The right decision when you lose money is not to react, but to switch off the computer, and sleep, or go out for a walk. Or make love. The solution will come shortly after that.

  1. What is Hate? Not accepting someone of something as it is. Once you accepted somebody without any conditions, have become love.

This is a subtle move, that can happen without realising. There are plenty of examples here. Mostly, we are talking about negative conditioning, about something you learn growing up, even without realising. Can be something widely present, but just because a lot of people believe that, it is not making it true. Just to give some examples, Chinese are good at math, black people live in rough conditions, women drive worst than men, gipsies are thiefs, hard work will make you rich, you are above average people, most of these ideas are just remnants of the past. You need to find what you adopted as a belief growing up and challenge it. Some of them may not be actual anymore.

And with these, the post for today is done. Enjoy it!

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