Why ETH is the big bad wolf, and my other blockchain choices (Harvest Finance on BSC and other networks stepping up the game)

With the actual level of fees, the Ethereum Network is a nightmare, and most of my investments, being a random $400-2000 each, are kind of hostages in there. If I try to move or to withdraw, the gas fees are like 10-50 times more than my measly profit. So, I need other options. What do I do?


I start to check and use another blockchains and ecosystems and I will try to go through my obvious choices, in a non-definite order of importance.

  • BitcoinCash (BCH) which I started use due to my activity on read.cash and noise.cash. It is fast, it is cheap, it is usable, and more and more online businesses started to use it. My favourite blockchain game, Splinterlands, is accepting BCH, recently Thorchain launched its trustless cross-chain crypto trading accepting 4 cryptocurrencies right now, including BCH. According to Bitcoin.com, there are more than 4250 merchants supporting BCH worldwide (most of them in US, South America, Croatia, Slovenia, Australia and Japan). BCH has a thriving, friendly community, willing to help and teach you the basics, and recently just reached a $1000+ ATH, surprising many of its detractors. BitcoinCash is definitely a winner on my list.961ffa8eaf5b5b8050a7733ed07aae7372d64fa25d9731c0e5ee36d232db585c.jpg

  • Tron (TRX) is known to have a love/hate relation with me, personally, as I see the potential, but I do not agree with the project management (J.Sun mainly) approach sometimes. Tron has also increased in value lately, and they are adapting and improving, my main activity on this network is testing the TRX staking, using WINK.com for some extra rewards (I manage to collect more than 1 million WIN, which was couple of hundred dollars last time I check) and playing Chainzarena when i have some free time for the TRX rewards (native token SOUL staking paying daily TRX, SAND,EOS, ETH rewards).  f97d34cd651f728de1dccc248d4e36667457004c75b674930288de38ef1ac509.png
  • Polkadot (DOT) is a blockchain that picked my interest, and I have some DOT stacked on Binance, some Kusama (KSM) stacked on Kucoin rewarding KSM and ANC, and some REEF mined in the Pancake Pool on BSC.


  • Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap are the latest stars in DEFI, with Harvest.finance just coming on BSC, and they got some impressive APY numbers,  so right now I am using three DEFI projects with very good results. Mobox.io is a strange little one project, using gamification, made by the Chainzarena team. I am there because they airdropped 3.5 BNB equivalent on crypto to me, as early adopter. I must say that it is different than others. Cubdefi.com is another project I like, made by the LeoFinance team (they are very active on Hive, and started in crypto long time ago, during Steem era). I also got in here due to a CUB airdrop on Hive blockchain, and the team is solid and innovative. Some very interesting features called Kingdoms are soon to be added into the website. They also have a bridge connecting ETH-HIVE-BSC, if you need cross-chain transfer. There is also a very small amount of CAKE mining the TLM pool (Alien.worlds on wax), but this is not bringing a huge profit at the moment. And the last one is Harvest Finance, where is use my CAKE to farm more CAKE and some extra FARM (bFARM that can be transferred on ETH sadly, using Anyswap, in order to be staked or exchanged into iFARM for rewards). I have tried the bridge and it went smoothly, with some half an hour delay on Anyswap. Now i have my iFARM working for me, bringing the extra bucks. 


  • So WAX, the place where everybody can make and sell NFTs, with just few clicks. WAX is right now like the Wild West, full of dangers and possibilities. In here is use Kolobok and Alien.worlds games to mine NFTs, and then I use the NFTs staked on the Rplanet game to get Aether tokens, which I sell for more WAX. I can sell Alien.worlds TLM tokens also for more WAX.


  • And the last but not the least on my list is HIVE, I like to publish on their forums, but I have also interested on some of their layer 2 tokens. I decided to make a note every weekend with how many tokens I have for my future holdings into Hive blockchain.


Hive: 1318 - $752 (+17)

Leo: 1217 - $847 (+6)

LBI: 180 - $150 (zero)

SPT: 711K - $174(+6K)

CTP: 2007 - $57(zero)

CTPSB: 50 - $42(zero)

LENM: 25 - $68 (zero)

POB: 713 - $202 (+278)

Total: $2275 ($3038last week)


The main focus is on increasing SPT up to 1 million and add more HIVE and POB until end of the month. Target achieved: 500 POB. Next objective is 2000 HIVE, 1000 POB, 200 LBI and 1 million SPT. Around $736 decrease in value in one week due to a market 20% drop that just happen yesterday, but I believe in SPT and LEO ongoing development with  https://cubdefi.com/ with CUB generating only 1 CUB per block now, while SPT, CTPSB and LBI also lost value. I am currently testing BROFI and I delegated my tokens (WEED, STEM, CCC, CTP, PAL and NEOXAG) to see how this is working, until now I only made like 0.32 BRO ($1.28). Proofofbrain.io also seems a cool concept and I am exploring this, trying to reach at least few thousands eventually.

I hope you were entertained by my daring adventures. What can I say, I let this meme to explain everything:


This is all for today, see you next week.

All the best,



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