Wen moon for Hive? (and other not so useful numbers)



The randomness of Web3 never stops to amaze me, as I was looking at Farcaster protocol, a decentralized network for social media apps, which went up 400% in one week after they introduced a Frames feature on their social media app called Warpcast. Dune Analytics pointed out that the number of active users went up from 5K to almost 25K. The 'Frames' feature was added on January 27th, and one week later, on February 3rd, boom, the number of daily active users exploded. All that this feature is doing is to allow users to engage with external links and applications without leaving the Warpcast app. Still, then, you can also mint NFTs, make transactions and answer surveys without leaving the app or signing a transaction.

You see, news like this kind of pisses me off when I compare all of those with the improvement and activity of the developers on Hive or InLeo. What they call a world-changing invention, for us here, in the Hive ecosystem, is just a normal Tuesday. We are talking about a slightly different project, but Hive has so much more to offer than Farcaster. Yet, if we are to check the numbers, Hive is somehow not doing as impressive (I do not know were to find the average active daily users for Leo and all the other statistics).

This made me wonder, is it all about aggressive marketing and suck, or it will also involve a bit of luck? If it was about making some noise, I am sure that we are more than enough to make a post go viral on any web2 media giant, or are we not? Think about, one day a month, let's say on PUD or LPUD, all of us to make a post/thread outside Hive, about our own experience with Hive, describing a bit why we like it and what the advantages of being on Hive are, and see if this will create enough momentum, checking the bump into the daily statistics. Or even do a brainstorm, and use all the good ideas we generate to improve Hive even further? We are all part of it, in one way or another. We are partners. So, when is the right time to treat this like a real-life business and put some real effort into it, instead of just milking the system? In the long term, we may benefit even more if the price of Hive will go up x5 or x10, isn't it?

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