Upland blockchain game - permanent game account with no investment strategy

As you may know, there is a contest right now on Publish0x, related to the blockchain game Upland. As today is your lucky day, i devised a strategy on how to create a rich-passive income medium to long term without spending your money (but of course spending your time, so, technically you are spending some resources to build your real estate empire. You go on the game and register first, in here, using the publish0x promo link:



Then, once you are registered and made you account, this is your profile. You can have a custom avatar, and you can see in here how much tokens you got, links to your properties, to your collections and of course the important bit - your status. 


There are few status ranks on Upland, as you can see bellow, Visitor, Uplander, Pro, Director and Executive, and you need to reach some wealth targets to promote to the next rank. 


For everyone registering on Upland, they are offering now their in-game token - 6000 UPX. But, as i will explain later, when you just start you have only the visitor status. This is the little annoying bit, were you have under 10.000 UPX, and you need to click on Renew Visa every 7 days to keep your properties and tokens, as many times as you want. But at this moment you do not own the NFTs, this being more like a trial account.



Now there are two possibilities to reach the next rank - Uplander. One is to buy another 5000 UPX, with a total cost of $4.99, if i am not mistaken. This way you will have 11.000 and you will qualify for the Uplander rank. Becoming an Uplander is very important to your future development, as now you do not need to renew the visa anymore, you have true ownership of your NFT properties and you can trade with another players. The second one is to reach the 10.000 mark using your skills, without spending the money. I will explain to you how, but you need to follow my steps carefully. 


Once you joined, you are a Visitor and you have been given 6000 UPX, right? Next step is to look for 4 properties costing less than 1500 UPX, with 3 of them being on the same street. Why is this important, you may ask? Because here in Upland there are some achievements that once done, will pay you a good amount of UPX. They are called collections and the three that you need to do are Newbie (Own one property in Upland), King of the Street (Own three properties on the same street) and City Pro (Own five properties in the same city). I suggest you start with Fresno, as the first city, because the prices here are more acceptable. The amount awarded for the first two collections is what you need to buy your 5th property to do the third one. 



You click that button, select the second option and there you are, these are the collections. I will also make a short movie to show to you how to do it. Do not rush, after you buy the properties you need to wait few minutes for them to be generated on the blockchain. This will look like the picture bellow:


Now, the right order to do it is:

1. Newbie (Own one property in Upland), and you will be paid 800 UPX for this one, then you need to get the house out of collection to use it on the next one.

2. King of the Street (Own three properties on the same street) is next, and you will be paid another 800 UPX for this one, then you need to take the houses out of collection to use it on the next one.

3. City Pro (Own five properties in the same city) is the last one and you will be paid 1200 UPX for this one. You leave the houses on this collection for a 1.4x income boost.

I know, you may think 6000 + 800 + 800 + 1200 = 8800. But now all your five houses will provide you with income every 3 hours, so all that you need to do is to renew your visitor visa couple of times until you get another 1200 UPX from the house rent, and from the daily treasures hunt or challenges ( I did only one treasure hunt and i got 180 UPX out of it).

Basically this is the strategy, at the moment they have only 3 cities (San Francisco, Manhattan and Fresno), but they will expand eventually, and the option to build on your property will be introduced soon. They are also working on a payment solution with Tilia Pay (Second Life), in order to make it easier to sell properties for USD, exchange UPX with dollars and vice versa. 

You may have difficulties finding the right kind of properties, but this is because even Fresno is almost completely sold. Anyway, good news, a new city, Clovis, will join Upland on 17.02.2021, and together they will form Fresno County. So you may have the chance still to build your real estate empire.

And it is a fun game, so if you liked Sim City and Pokemon Augmented reality games, give this one a try. 

Yours truly



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