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What happened in the past week? Bitcoin reached 73K. ETH upgrade went smoothly. El Salvador got a lot of BTC. What else? Read below:

  • Bitcoin: Cathie Wood was telling us porkies about BTC reaching $1M someday soon. Meanwhile, BTC reached an ATH last week, $72K, giving us hope that this may be possible. When we were happy with that, boom, $73K reached next, followed by an 8% correction dip. Trump will be like 'I have seen a lot of use' of crypto lately, and by that, he meant that he accepted BTC payments for his branded sneakers. Yeah, right! MicroStrategy bought another 12000 BTC, and that did well for its shares, which spiked 14% lately. VanEck slashed its BTC ETF fees to zero until the end of March, as they want a bigger piece of the pie. Bitcoin miners have been rewarded up to $80M daily, since March 11. The UK judge ended a one-year-long legal battle, telling Craig Wright to go home and think about what he did, as the Court did not believe that he was Satoshi. El Salvador reveals that they got $406M in BTC, double the $200M estimated previously.

  • Ethereum: On March 13th, the Deneb Cancun upgrade brought us the 'blobs', new transactions designed to help L2 like ARB and OP store data more efficiently on the ETH mainnet. In translation, we have faster, cheaper transactions. However, the ETH transaction fees are reaching the highest level in nearly two years. Why?

  • Altcoins and stablecoins: Talking about useless things, Shiba Inu's campaign to plaster its mascot on the new Sphere entertainment venue in Vegas already raised $259$K out of $650K, 40% of what is needed to pay for this
    campaign. MakerDAO makes temporary fee adjustments for DAI, in response to the recent market fluctuations. But this seems to be just the start of a plan called Endgame, related to a combo launch of 2 tokens called for now NewStable and NewGovToken. Bitcoin wallet Xverse is integrating support for the upcoming Runes protocol. If you ever had CUB or Polycub, there is a proposal for them to be burned in exchange for LEO on a $1:$1 basis. Go vote! Got bored? Memecoins lead the crypto market with over 300% surge this year. AI-focused tokens are next, with an 186% increase. Gnosis Chain is already working to implement the Deneb-Cancun upgrade. Binance's spot volume raised 15.5% in February, recovering from the previous months.

  • NFTs and blockchain games: On Splinterlands, the first round of Conflicts airdrop activity ended. The second part of the Conflicts airdrop started. You may also want to check Holozing - a soon-to-be-launched Pokemon-like game on the Hive blockchain. Tensor, the Solana NFT market covering 30% of the pie, revealed plans for a governance token. Blue-chip NFTs like BAYC and Pudgy Penguins endure seller fatigue and declining price floors, while newcomers like Bitcoin Ordinals are spiking. Check the Aperion token sale on Ronin, and its new game.

  • Good news: DAOs get a legal foot in Wyoming, thanks to the new bill signed by Governor Mark Gordon. Telegram is thinking about an IPO soon. Coinbase is raising one billion bucks through senior convertible notes, loans that can be converted into Coinbase stock later. Metamask teamed up with Mastercard, at least this is what the rumours said.

  • Bad news: India is divided between two hard choices, with some wanting to accelerate the pace of traditional market infrastructure to offer faster settlements rivalling crypto (if Switzerland didn't do this, India is not doing that either), or get more open to the financial progress. Meanwhile, Thailand gave the green light to some serious pro-crypto tax breaks, as it is looking to attract extra capital. The SEC warned us that crypto spot ETFs are risky, as they can go up and down with the BTC value. If you didn't know that, beware of the dog! got fined by the Dutch central bank, a big fat $3.1M fine, for operating without proper registration for over two years. The US judges rejected Gemini and Genesis's bid to dismiss the SEC lawsuit.

  • Joke of the week: Sometimes the blockchain is not forever, as we may think, as a controversial proposal to donate $1.28M worth of ARB to the legal defence team behind Tornado Cash kind of disappeared, as it's never been. Talking about external pressure, and the conspiracy theory is going on.

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