Opportunities to gain more cryptocurrency in 2021

Opportunities to gain more cryptocurrency in 2021


  • As i was writing in this blog post, this is a totally passive earning method to get some free Helium using Emrit.io website. In my area i estimate 1-200 dollars per year. What can i say (almost free money) are always good. 
  • I you have a Coinbase account, check the Earn section of the website. Irrelevant of you being a new user (join this link for extra $10 bonus) or if you already have an account, you can use this links to get an extra $10 in cryptocurrency, just by clicking on them and doing 2-3 video lessons. The crypto still available for me are:

Compound (COMP) - 4 left to join for $10 bonus

Stellar Lumens (XLM) - 3 left to join for $10 left

  • If you are good at writing and you would like to make extra money from your blog posts, there are few options for you. Using HiveonBoard you can make a Hive account and start writing right away of Hive.blog. Using the same account you ca play games like Splinterlands, CryptoBrewMaster and Dcity, gaining even more cryptocurrency directly as game rewards or by selling the NFT cards. There are many tutorials about the games on Hive and Publish0x platforms. Other good platforms to promote your brand are Publish0x (paying now in AMLP, BAT and ETH) and Read.cash (paying now in BCH). 
  • There are only 3 faucets that I still use, because they are fast and they are paying well. These are Getzen (ZEN), GlobalHive (ZEC) and Pipeflare (ZEC and DOGE). If you manage to do it daily the extra-bonuses add up quite nicely. 
  • If you have crypto sitting idle in your wallets, check Celsius.network app on the phone, Blockfi and Crypto.comOut of the three of them, Celsius is good if you plan to get their native token called CEL as part of your portfolio, 20% of it in CEL providing you 30% extra weekly interest, all of it compounding. If you want only more of the same interest in the same crypto, use Blockfi. CryptoCom has good parts and bad parts, but i do not like them too much as they tend to take decisions without involving their clients. Nevertheless, i use all three of them without major issues. 
  • Another good way to make some money is to create a WAX wallet, and get free or paid NFT. They tend to increase in value overtime. There are many users on Publish0x platform making contests and giving free NFTs, like Banano and Robertoit
  • And the last free tip, if you have a lot of crypto and you keep them on some exchange wallet savings account (like Binance), think about this twice. Usually the same crypto stacked directly on their own website is paying much better  rewards (like Binance offering 1-2% when staking directly pays 35%, and Celsius pays 21% - Matic token). 

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Some of the links are referrals, some are not. If you have any questions, ask, and i will tell you if i know the answer. 


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Why not...

...have fun and win rewards on blockchain games (Splinterlands - Hearthstone-like card game) (Axie Infinity - NFT battle) (CryptoBrewmaster - Beer factory sim)

...use the world best cryptocurrency exchangesBinanceCoinbase and Kucoin

...get the higher rewards for your investments using Blockfi for $50 bonus in BTC and Celsius.network, use Celsius referral 1235256530 for $20 bonus. Crypto.com is also a good choice at the moment, with the native coin CRO, being cheap to buy. 

The most lucrative faucets that I use: ZENZEC, DOGELTC and few others. 


Get ETH while writing on Publish0x blog, using the Brave browser - Presearch search engine to maximize your BAT income with some extra PRE tokens.

Check my Lbry.tv channel in here. I am also writing on Read.cash (Bitcoin Cash rewards there).


Disclaimer: This text is also re-published on my personal blogs, such as this one.



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Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...
Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...

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