My Splinterlands adventure 2024 - week 21, as I need to upgrade my Riftwatchers cards



Splinterlands latest news are:

  • Glint is the new buzzword in Splinterlands, as no longer you may receive cards, Merits or SPS in chests, instead you are receiving a new token called Glint, and you can use it to buy all kind of cards, Merits, potions and even titles. One way, this is good, let you focus on either Gladiators or Reward cards, you could select one single level card (common, rare, epic, legendary, and pay adequatelly) or random multiple card chances. It seems that the season reward is twice the Glint tokens that you got during the season. Which is good or bad, depending on your cards.
  • Staked SPS will be counted, along with staked GLX, for the Colony Airdrop, which it seems to go for 5 years, or at least that's what they said. There is a minimum requirement though - 10K GLX, 100 GLUSD and/or 5K SPS. Enjoy!
  • Next round of Conflicts started with the Legendary summoners series, and the best way to buy them wagons (and the cheapest) is by using 50 Vouchers, which strangelly enough did not get too expensive. As you may know, each wagon can be used to stake 5 cards and up to 100 packs. You get contribution points for everything you stake, and 100K contribution points will get you one airdrop chance. 325 chances for a guaranteed summoner - Cryptic, reducing Speed by -1, using Blind, and then some cool abilities for the fighters, including a new skill - Expose, with a 50% chance to remove Forcefield, Lookout, Reflection Shield, Shield, Void, Void Armor, Cleanse, or Immunity after a successful attack. Expose will always remove Immunity first.


  • We got additional information for the lands, check this out on The Secret of Praetoria - Phase 2 Whitepaper Reveal, as we got Part 3 here and Part 4 here. Basically we got three types of buildings available for players to construct - Resource Production, Resource Refinement, and Resource Storage buildings, and we may need DEC, Vouchers and Production Points to build them. It is getting complicated then, with a lot of resources, which can be refined, and even the storage would be tricky to cover completely. Then, we need to pay maintenance costs for the building, and you can even repurpose buildings, for a cost. Castles and Keeps will produce special resources/ingredients. Then, the Part 4 explains the desalinization process, where you can remove the Salt from the soil and water, reducing the buildings maintenance costs and the fees/taxes level. Storage is the word of the day, as you may need it badly when you have multiple lands to maintain.
  • On the second phase of the Land expansion, you will be able to provide liquidity for a resource, paired with DEC. When you provide liquidity, you are rewarded Elixir, essential resource meant to be combined with Magical Resources in the Laboratory.


land 29.05 1.png

Lands completely ready - 60/76 - 80% (2 Tax, 36 Grain, 14 Research, 8 SPS) sadly 19 Grain lands only have 1 card staked.

Lands with at least 1 card staked - 75/75

Natural staked - 42/42 (All ready)

Magic staked - 28/28 (All ready)

Occupied staked- 3/3 (All ready)

Mythic ready - 2/2 (All ready)

land 29.05 2.png

Grain productivity: 2387/hour -2004/hour required = +383/hour

Research: 13.18/hour

SPS: 1.5/hour

Dark energy 1.838.747/1.838.747


My Splinterlands  battle plans are going well, as I just reached the Champion II in the current season. The Riftwatchers cards upgrade is on the schedule, 27 cards left to max up, 6 Common, 12 Rare and 9 Legendary, with few more cards upgraded, but I do not think that I will upgrade all the legendary cards, as they are too expensive. All Riftwatchers Common upgraded to level 6, I try to get all RW Rare to level 5 next. On Rebellion, all common cards upgraded to level 5, try all rare to level 4 next. I need something crazy like 1.2M DEC to fully stake all my lands. I estimate that this will take me 3 months at least. Need secondary account to stake 3K SPS too for improved rewards and maybe tournaments.

Riftwatchers goals:

All common level 7 - Done. All level 8 - Next

All rare level 4 - Done. All level 5 - Next

Rebellion goals:

All common level 5 - Done. All level 6 - Next

All rare level 3 - Done. All level 4 - Next

All epic level 2 - Done. All level 3 - Next

All legendary level 1- Done. All level 2 - Next

Rental stats: no cards for rent

​No packs left, as I used all the CL ones that I got to boost my secondary account.

Cards upgraded:

I got the summoner Nomos at level 4.



Cards 1,954/1,998
Cards 93,385/94,300 BCX
CP: 2,011,068 (5,775) (0)
Account Worth: 7,419.956 $
Rental Income: 0.000/0.000 DEC
0.0% y ROA
Rental Expenses: 0.000 DEC
For Sale: 0.000 $

This is all for today!

All the best,



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