My Rental adventure 2023 - 27 weeks later, as I am maxing up Riftwatchers



Splinterlands latest news are:

  • You can now buy Riftwatchers with DEC. 5000 for 1 pack.
  • Soulkeep and Genesis League Goals are in the final stages, and you may play them soon, as average player.
  • Check the new updated roadmap, we are getting there, with some work to be done on the land feature soon, but there is some worrying feeling, as quite few old-time players stopped being active in the game, with the profit going down. We need new players, and some easy way to onboard them. This is the improvement that I would like to see.


  • Guild redo is on the cards, as I listened to the Town Hall, even with some new buildings, and now we got Guild Points when burning our DEC and DEC-B tokens, the good news is that we can get 90% of our guild points back as we leave the guild, with 10% remaining to the guild as penalty for leaving. There is a permanent donation, and the personal one, that you take with you when you leave, depending if you check the "Donate to the guild" button or not. There is a 7 day probationary period for new members, with some restriction. And the best option of all, you can now buy Blood Stones and Power Stones using DEC, to boost your gladiator pack rewards, if your shop is high enough in level.
  • Staking SPS replaced the collection power, and this is big for the SPS utility, as until now we had only some feeble attempts to use it properly, at least this is what I think. I need 128K SPS to play on Diamond II efficiently, and right now I only have 102K, I will focus on getting there next few months. You can still play on higher ranks, it is just that your rewards will decrease if you do not have the right amount of SPS staked for that rank. I think the best you can get is x12 times the rewards if you have enough SPS staked, with smaller amounts if you do not have enough of it. You got a base rewards, you got the boost up to 12 times, and you got a guild boost also, mine is 7% now. And the best of it, you can rent your staked SPS. If you want to do some advanced math, the formula for the SPS multiplier is = max ((staked_sps / (staked_sps + rating_constant)) * 13.3, 1) when rating_constant is = ((rating -100) * 0.007) ^3.5 . Where are you? Do the math!

As for my Splinterlands plans I would like to try Diamond I next, as I did went from Diamond III to II last season, but it is still hard, as long as the bots are still here. My Chaos Legion core cards are all max level now, and the leveling of the Riftwatchers cards is on with the second card maxxed up this week. I did sell 5 common lands in order to upgrade some key cards, and I may focus on upgrading some of my summoners next, now that they are cheaper then before, as we were informed that they will not be used for land. I burned a bit of DEC for the contest, but the Leaderboard is crazy, with 1.85 million DEC to burn to enter in the last spot of the leaderboard.

Rental stats:

***@Mightyrocklee’s **

Cards 749/790


CP: 1,055,379.25 (5,775) (255,457.25)

Account Worth: 13,826.747 $

Rental Income: 124.550/410.519 DEC

3.2% y ROA

Rental Expenses: 0.000 DEC

For Sale: 7.000 $

As I have started this few seasons ago (beginning of November), these are my stats:

Chaos Legion packs unopened: 432 (+3, -5), with 5 sold for Hive - already powered up

Riftwatchers packs bought: 155 (0)

Riftwatchers packs unopened: 4 (0)

Cards upgraded and rented:

I managed to upgrade 3 more RW cards to max level, but oh my gosh! they are so expensive:




And the Rune Crafter to level 6 for now.


Then I have also got some Gold cards to max level, to use them in battle.





And finally, few more for that were few cards away from a new level:


Carrion Shade level 5


Venari Bonesmith level 4


...and a Life Sapper max level to be put on rent.

The time is near. I am now upgrading key cards, looking at some summoners that are quite cheap, and continue upgrading the Riftwatchers. The strategy was to use the DEC from rentals to upgrade fully the Riftwatchers set, but the renting profit plummeted lately. ( I have left to upgrade 10 common, 12 rare, 6 epics and 7 legendary cards). I want to buy some max level Gold and legendary cards, if possible, to get 5 lands fully prepared (1 Keep and 1 Castle, and the 3 occupied ones). In the same time I need to get some more RW packs, already started to buy them, one by one, now that CL ended, and use the GLX and SPS rewarded from now on to upgrade some more cards. Vouchers still go on Tribaldex for more SPS farming (Voucher - Hive pair). whenever I get more than 5 CL packs, i sell them for Hive, same with the land, 5 common lands per week/month, until I sell the remaining 90 left to sell. I will adjust the strategy as I go.

All the best,



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