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July by numbers - my crypto rewards, staking and crypto-income

Blockchain games were the highlight on the month. All the Hive and its Layer 2 tokens are doing great now, thanks to Splinterlands. Talking about Play2Earn, best profit was made into Splinterlands, as they launched their governance token, airdropping daily for one entire year, and it is not late to start playing, as the price of the NFTs increased hundreds of times. I think the cheaper one is around $1.20 at the moment, and you can get NFTs daily doing the the daily quest. I do not try to convince you, I would just be happy to tell others that it is not to late to join the big money treasure. Axie Infinity on the second place, with decent returns, even if it was not working for few days, bue to the masive increase in player numbers. Now the servers seems to recovered, at least partially, as I play with the video settings on the lowest, for a smooth game experience. The others seems to be just a waste of my time, and I need to stop playing some of them, I already sold all my gear on ChainzArena and I made my exit there. Was goot while it lasted. I don't do any faucets, but i got $2 from referrals getting the links on my old posts. Elrond on their Maiar app is getting $6.5 for one month on $400 investment, so that is like 19.5%/year which is not bad. Last month Binance Smart Chain was the best paying blockchain, with most of my monthly incomes (PancakeCubMobox), followed by triple digits returns on  Celsius.networkKucoin and Binance, and a bit less than usual on the Helium Miner. But this month #Play2Earn bussiness (blockchain games) returns from Splinterlands and Axie were beyond my expectations, and even made me think that I can live without a job, just playing games for 30 minutes daily. Wouldn't this be the dream?


Publish0x - $8.84 and 50$ in ETH won at Upland Contest - total $58.84 - Bad news here, my Noise account somehow got a bug related to a dot into the email name, and no matter how much I tried, nobody from the Noise team (which is the same as ReadCash team) answered back to me, this is appaling customer service and one of the reason I start to dislike Bitcoin Cash. Compared to them Publish0x team is x10 times awesome. Only $34.50 in rewards, as I am not so excited to write in there. 

Hive blog and Hive portfolio and layer2 blogs (Leofinance, SPT, CTP, LENM, LBI, CTPSB, POB, CUB) - $6537 (+$4922) this is about Splinterlands blockchain game, I will speak about it later in this post. 

LBRY -   5 LBC - $0.14

Torum -  370 XLM (Token not launched yet)

TOTAL - $4980 ( HIVE tokens included)


Play2Earn - blockchain games

Splinterlands main account - 12832$ (+10319$) they are becoming a DAO, doing an one year daily airdrop. Hence the huge gain.

Splinterlands secondary account - 1634$ (+1347$)

Axie Infinity - 1708 SLP - $396

League of kingdoms - 3.60 DAI - $3.60

Cryptobrewmaster - 40 ASH - $1.00

DCity - 20 HIVE - $8.42

Risingstar - 0 HIVE - $0

Rplanet/Alien.worlds - 69 WAX - $10.84

Chainzarena - 563 TRX - $36.42 (I stopped played this game as the monthly gains are under $1)

TOTAL - $12122.28


Faucets (I did not claim daily, mostly referral rewards)

Getzen - 0 ZEN - $0

Pipeflare -  0.01 ZEC - $1.10

Globalhive -  0.0025 ZEC - $0.27

TOTAL - $1.37



Celsius - $221

PancakeSwap pools - 129 CAKE, 3BNB, 200 CUB, 500 BUSD, 500 TRX, 1 PMON, 47 SPS  - $3690 pools - 1294 CUB, 0.4 BNB, 1162 LEO - $1223 (BSC) - 0.57 BNB, 424 BUSD +378$ increase in Liquidity (290 MBOX/1.1 BNB now)) = $990 (almost reached my 1k target)

Kucoin - 7 KCS, 0.0017 BTC - $143

Binance - $4.15

Blockfi - 1.77 GUSD- $1.77

Coinbase - 2.5 XTZ = $8.17 - 161 CRO cashback, 88.5 CRO staking - $32

Zen node - 0.26 ZEN - $15

Stakecube - DASH,RPB,PIVX,PHR staking - $1.73

Tron staking and Wink rewards - 257 TRX - $16.45

CoinApp - $0

Uniswap - 4060 DEC - $20.11

Helium mining - Rewards for mining Emrit.io1.2 HNT - $17

Brave - 7.65 BAT - $4.86

Erlond staking - 0.076 EGLD - $6.50

TOTAL - $6395

TOTAL crypto income in June- 23499$ (£16900)

As for my August strategy, I have mixed feelings. I will test a Play2Earn income using both Axie and Splinterlands, and doing the daily quests every day the whole month, if possible. I will probably sell the SPS airdropped in the period 1-15.08.2021 to pay for my wedding expenses. After that I will stake every SPS i got for the rest of the year. I will be a SPS whale, most probably. First time ever. I am staking on Hive for rewards in SPT, LEO and HIVE. I am staking WINk and TRX for TRX. Alien.worlds and Rplanet tokens will be exchanged for more WAX. I will continue to expand the Binance Smart Chain Portfolio ( I am currently staking on Pancake, Cub Finance, Mobox, Apeswap and O3swap). And that's it. The tokens that I will keep buying in August are: HIVE, MATIC, LINK, BUSD, DOT, LUNA, UMA and EGOLD. 

Simple strategy: more WAX, more TRX, more ETH, more HIVE, more BNB. Feel free to copy my strategies, use the links and ask your questions, if you have any. I am good with numbers and I am happy to help of possible. 


All the best,



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