How to have a perfect start in the blockchain game CryptoBrewmaster

So, you discovered CryptoBrewmaster. But there is too much you need to learn, and everything seems a bit confusing. Do not worry! I will guide you step by step on how to achieve wonders from the start. Follow me in this interesting journey. I will use some videos, and comment under them, so you can replay them if needed. 

First of all, as this game is on Hive Blockchain, you will need a Hive wallet. Click here and make one for yourself. You can also use the same address to play any other game supported by Hive, and there are quite few interesting ones. Good, now that you have the wallet, you can log in into CryptoBrewmaster. You will be greeted with this screen. 


As you can see, the important buildings that you need to use are Pub (where you use energy to get ingredients) and Brewhouse (where you use the ingredients to make beer). Later I will show you how to use Water Tower to make a stock of the most important ingredient (Water). 

This is how you make ingredients, using your energy. As a beginner, you may want to focus on the grey ones, as they use only energy and not the CBM tokens that you want to accumulate right now. Use the first recipe from the Brewhouse, the European Lager, once you have one of each ingredients needed for the recipe. They are Brewing Water, 2 Row Barley, Local Bittering Hops, Local Aroma Hops, Lager yeast. If you create 2-3ingredients optimally every day, you may have enough to make a beer every 2 days. In the next video I will show you how to make a beer.

As you can see, once you have all ingredients, you go to the Brewhouse, click on the recipe you want, first in our case, restore building if needed, select the ingredients and make the beer. Few hours later the beer will be ready and you can sell it at the pub or drink it yourself for energy. Better to sell it though, to make some money out of it. In the next video you can see how to sell the beer, after you made it. 

As you can see, I got the beer, then I checked in the bag the name of the beer and Quality (I had one Grey, one Green) and once I knew what I got, I went to the pub and I sell it. Repeat the process and sell enough beers to make 20-30 CBM before renting the Water Tower

And finally, I will show you how to make Brewing water in the Water Tower, the advantage being that the water made in here is usually Outstanding Quality (Level 3 - Blue), and every time you use it there is a chance to make a better beer, which can be sold for more money than the normal one. Basically you can make a Water ingredient every half an hour (30 minutes) using one energy. You also need to repair the Water Tower after every craft, as it can decrease in quality, and you need to pay 0.1 CBM for each repair. When I choose to make Brewing Water, I do it in a day when I am using the computer so I can click every half an hour for a new one. You need 10 CBM to rent the Water Tower for 24 hours and 2-3 CBM for the repairs (0.1 CBM at the time). I consider that the Water Tower is the only profitable one, as the other factories need 1 Brewing Water, 3-6 CBM per craft and 4-6 hours per ingredient, making it easier just to buy or create the others instead of making it. Every other one I tried made me loose money. The good part is that once you made 15-20 Brewing Water that are Blue Quality, you will start to create more expensive beers now and then and make more money.


I hope this little tutorial will help you to start making some nice profits in the game. Good luck!

All the best,



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