First Hive, then Leo, then the world! said the villain from my movie (Hive&Co portfolio weekly updates)

Working on some extra passive income, and, at the moment, my Hive portfolio is divided in 3 parts:

  • core portfolio, made from Hive and Leo tokens,
  • gaming related portfolio, with SPT, 1UP and LEVEL (looking for 200k of them, for the monthly airdrop on their game, as I have also bought a Land pack with 100 Hive on PsyberX)
  • the tokens providing passive income (after doing some research I decided to focus on ARCHONM, BROFUND, UTOPIS, DHEDGE and INDEX). I may start to hoard some of Hive stablecoin (HBD) as they are paying 20% interest now, starting from one week ago. 

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Hive: 4620- $4777 (+73)

Leo: 17611 - $3185 (+97)

Gaming curation account (this one)

*SPT: 1105K - $2024 (zero) - Done

ONEUP: 7460 (14.9% achieved)

*LVL: 200k (for the airdrop, and I have one land bought for 100 Hive too) - Done

Passive income tokens (you will see a percentage now related to my yearly portfolio target)

BROFUND: 55 (7.85% achieved) - $143 (+0.1)

UTOPIS: 103 (6.7% achieved) - $55 (ZERO)

*ARCHMINER: 11 (110% achieved) - $136 (ZERO) - Done

DHEDGE: 2792 (79.7%) - $273 (+49)

INDEX: 156 (9.45%) - $65 (+0.5)

Total: $10968 ($10940 last week)

With an increase of only 28$, the price of Hive and other tokens is slightly down, except SPT, which is boosted a bit by the validator announcement and the BSC minting contract. (The games I play right now on Hive are Rising starCryptobrewmasterDCropDcity).

I made one solid investment in a game launching in June-July this year, according to their schedule, and the presale price is more than convenient ($2 per pack right now), so I dared to buy one of their big packs (the 1000$ one) you can check out Chifibots website for more information. You can also find more about their IndieGoGo campaign in here, with unique never to be seen again robots as bonus.

As for curation, I upgraded my @leo.voter delegation to 3000+ HIVE, and the @meowcurator one to 17500 LEO. I got 1 Million SPT to @monster-curator for STP rewards, planning to keep it at least until the Splinterlands airdrop ends.

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My total BCH on Celsius is now 1.284 ($433) and the 1 BCH target for the year 2021 was reached. Happy to be part of 1BCH Club. For 2022 I am thinking at 1.5 BCH, if I work hard enough.

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These last 2 weeks I received 17 TRX ( $1.02) from staking Tron, and 144 TRX ($8.66) from staking WIN, so the total is 161 TRX ($9.68). I have staked right now 2M+ WIN and I am over my proposed yearly target of 12.000 TRX now. The last two weeks the Wink casino paid slightly better than usual, and I am getting some more DICE, WINK and LIVE to top up my deposits on Wink Casino.

Note: Have some problem trying to claim my polycub, tried everything, clear cache, refresh, logout, nothing works. Any help? I can only claim once per week, and it is frustrating.

That's all for today.

All the best,


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