Elrond (ERD) - a hidden gem aiming for Top10

As I was walking randomly on the plains of internet, this tweet right here reminded me what a great product Elrond (ERD) will be. You realise this when you see the integration with ApplePay, SamsungPay, VISA and Mastercard. The integration on MoonPay made this possible. 

Now, the good news are that the mainnet for Elrond will be launched in 13 days, and after that the posibilities are unlimited. At the moment on the #47 (was #49 yesterday), i could see in the near future a strong contender for the Top10. What i am talking about? First, their consensus is SPoS (Secure Proof of Stake), and it is defined by speed, security and efficiency. Second, they use adaptative state sharding, i will not go into lots of details on how sharding is superior to the clasic blockchain, you just need to know that the speed of transactions would be thousand times faster that Ether network. And at last, but not least, they are developer-friendly, Tas the Elrond Virtual Machine is a dedicated smart contract execution engine built on WASM, expanding the family of languages available to smart contract developers to include Rust, C/C++, C#, Typescript. This means you can write smart contracts in whichever language you’re familiar with, compile it of WASM and easily debug its WAT human readable format. The staking reward is estimated at 36%, which is good enough for me. And they we're launched by Binance, and Samsung and Travala are some of their more than 100 partners. 


Just to prepare you in advance, it is easier to have it on Metamask or their ERD wallet, so you can avoid unnecessary taxes and fees. Thisis, indeed, a Romanian project taking the world of crypto by storm. 

You can buy it from their website - or Binance, time it wisely, as the ETH congestion can provide 5$ in fees now and 0.50$ in fees 30 minutes later. 

Officially (and unofficially), after you become cryptomillionare, for the next few weeks, I will accept your tips in Elrond (ERD)  on: erd1ecu2gqtuf6dra580juj9vvpgmwn2sj6xqz4w5rv48twzdjfh85gqulrpur


Have a worderful day!




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