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I am not truly a hypochondriac but every Sunday, I tend to do a few physical checks, the normal ones, that we can do at home. The list is a bit long, but it will help me keep tabs on my body and how everything changes with time.

What I do, in no particular order:

  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight
  • Waist circumference

This is the smallest most relevant list that I can use. I was thinking about the fat percentage, but this is a bit too much, as I do not train competitively right now, and my gym training number is lower than 10/per month. Ageing and preventing ageing is one of my secret hobbies and while I would like to become immortal, minus the Highlander crap, reaching the age of 100-125 would be ideal. That was a nice science fiction dream until recently, but it may just be possible with the recent science advanced discoveries. As Scooby Doo said, it is only a 1% chance, so, there is a chance for this to be real.

There is enough incoming data almost every day, and if you do your homework, you can even use other people's research to improve your odds. The funniest coincidence, there is this guy Bryan Jonhson, who is one of the 'life extensionists', a wider movement in Silicon Valley, looking to achieve eternal life via technology, a tech billionaire who seems a bit odd, but doing some very interesting, groundbreaking research, spending something crazy like $16M per year just to maintain his body close to a biological age of 17. Peak-human, using our actual science tool, and not some Captain America serum, or maybe he would like to work towards that one too. He got a team of 30+ doctors and a scientific algorithm, experimental treatments, a vegan diet and some 100+ pills daily. He is doing specific exercises and laser treatments, and he is wearing glasses that block out blue light, 2 hours before going to bed. The surprising thing is that works, as he is 37, his skin is that of a 27-year-old, and his lung capacity is one of an 18-year-old. Since he tried blood transfusion treatments, some are now thinking that he is a vampire. Tricks/risks of the trade! These people use science, medicine and even technology via bio-hacking to augment themselves and overcome our biological limitations.

The only issue that I have with this is that the guy is working 14 hours per day to maintain himself in peak human shape. Is this worth the effort? Reminds me of that joke from my country, when a guy goes to the doctor, and the doctor is saying that he looks like he is in his 20s, even if he is in his 30s, and he is saying the doctor that he is not smoking, not drinking alcohol, not losing energy through sex, drinking water and traniing regularly, as he want to live 100 years. To which the doctor is answering: But why? The oriental approach is much better, one of my favourite stories looking at Mullah Nasruddin going to the immortal sage that was living on the top of the highest mountain and asking him how he can be happy with his life. The sage gives him a teaspoon full of oil, asking him to carry it carefully and walk around his house. Our hero is doing that, and after a few hours the sage asks him:

-Did you see the poetry books of Rumi, the Persian carpets made by the local saints, and the gold bracelets from across the sea?
-No, said Mullah. -Go around again and look in awe at the wonders of this house.

So our hero goes around, spending double the time, enjoying every wonderful thing that he can see. And then, coming back, the sage asks him where is the oil from his teaspoon. The oil was gone, and his attention was focused on the wonders around him.

-The secret of a happy life is to enjoy all the beautiful things that are around you, but always keep an eye on the oil teaspoon!

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And while people like Bryan are spending their lives chasing an impossible dream, we can still use bits from his research to improve our lives. Like eating more things like black lentils, turmeric, bee pollen and such, foods that pack a lot of nutrients, without abusing them. Nuts and seeds too, herbal teas with a bit of honey, functional exercise like gardening or playing with kids, dogs and why not, penguins.

The list is too big to be explained in one post, but, if I only picked your attention and made you wonder, remember only this. Improve a little, often. The 1% rule of improving daily is awesome, not only because of the compounding effect making you 37.78 times better after one year, but also because if you are always learning something new, your brain will reach the peak human after a while, and stay there.

All the best,



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