CarbonChain ICO review

CarbonChain ICO review

Most of this air pollution we cause results from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, natural gas, and gasoline to produce electricity and power our vehicles. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a good indicator of how much fossil fuel is burned and how much of other pollutants are emitted as a result. A carbon credit is a generic term for any tradeable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one tonne of carbon dioxide or the mass of another greenhouse gas with a carbon dioxide equivalent to one tonne of carbon dioxide.

CarbonChain ICO is aiming to develop a blockchain system in order to ensure full accountability for the life of the carbon credit as it is monitored, providing an evidence blockchain ledger. This ledger on carbon reduction projects (wind farm, solar park etc) is made to assist countries to prove to the rest of the world how they are helping towards their climate change targets as per Paris Agreement. CarbonChain is a decentralized high performance and nature friendly blockchain and ecosystem built to revolutionize the carbon industry and help to combat climate change. A carbon credit is a permit or certificate allowing the holder to emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.

CarbonChain monetizes the future carbon credit value on carbon reduction projects using a cryptocurrency called CarbonChain and register new projects with the United Nations which enable liquidity in the business cycle. Registered projects can generate carbon credits for up to 28 years. All sales of carbon credits are to be traded in CarbonChain token, and 30% will be purchased back from token holders via Cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring the constant trading of the tokens. On annual basis, token holders are offered the 30% traded token back at a transaction cost only.

CarbonChain token -why to use a token? Because then you will benefit of the closed decentralized system, reflection of value (total market cap) and full transparency.

Token symbol: CCT

Token price: 1 CCT = 10 cent USD in ETH

Total supply: 550.000.000 CCT

Technology: ETH (ERC20 compatible token)

Token utility: Purchasing carbon credits

CarbonChain project token

Token symbol: CCTP

Token price: 1 CCTP = 1 CCT

Total supply: determined by the carbon credit trades

Technology: own e-wallet

Distribution of the token:

  • 22% private sale
  • 40% participants in the cloud
  • 13% executive panels
  • 3% team members
  • 7% CarbonChain founders
  • 4% partners
  • 6% bounty, influencers and referrals
  • 5% pot ‘A’ company

The token will have a private pre-sale with a hard cap of 7.26 millions USD, 121.000.000 tokens will be offered with 40% discount and 10% bonus, with a minimum of 0.01 ETH and a maximum of 50 ETH. The pre-sale objective is to fund the marketing for the crowd sale, the accepted payments can be done in ETH and fiat, and the initial price will be 1 CCT=0.006 USD. The soft cap is 490.000 USD and if it will be not reached, the funds will be returned. The crowd sale will have a hard cap of 22 millions USD, with minimum 0.01 ETH and maximum of 50 ETH, and the objective of the crowd sale is to fund the CarbonChain blockchain.

Funds allocation:

  • 30% project registration;
  • 10% business development;
  • 15% marketing;
  • 5% advisers;
  • 15% admin;
  • 15% ERPA;
  • 10% blockchain development.

Why would you buy CCT token? CarbonChain has created an incetivising global carbon emission reduction program through acquiring carbon credits directly from the registered projects. CarbonChain will allow to this project to create a sustainable business practice in which to operate, through the investment into the registration and issuance costs of the mitigation project, creating carbon credits instead of buying them. The carbon credits acquired in this project will be sold at discounted price by CarbonChain, via its blockchain powered e-wallet and CCT. Token holders can take part in the trade of the token, for carbon credits sustainability, carbon credit buyers will receive 20% discount. The demand for carbon credits is starting in 2020 after the introduction of the Paris agreement. Unlimited amount of projects will be available for registration, increasing the number of carbon credits.

CarbonChain users will be:

  • token holders whom want to make a difference in the world;
  • large companies with carbon tax liabilities;
  • developers of renewable energy projects;
  • countries under pressure to achieve their carbon emission reduction targets.

The CarbonChain ecosystem, according to the White Paper, is made by the CarbonChain token and the Exchange. The CC token is issued through the Ethereum smart contract system, to be utilized as an electronic store of value for the CarbonChain Exchange (CCX). For the wallet, participants in pre-sale and CCT generation event can use it to receive their CCT and CCTP tokens, can hold and/or buy/sale CCT, CCT, BTC and ETH and they can also receive loans using their cryptocurrency as collateral. The Exchange (CCX) is managed by CarbonChain, offers carbon credits for sale to government and companies needing to reduce their carbon footprint. We also have a members-only exchange, at the completion of each carbon credits trade, CarbonChain is holding CCT that have been purchased by the carbon credit buyer via exchange, and these CCT are placed on member only exchange (pot B).

This is an interesting ICO, with a different motivation than most of them. Actually this is an idea worth following to see what will happen next.

(Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through BountyOx. BountyOx username: Heruvim78)


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