Blockchain games and other silly stuff that will make you financially independent - Day 22

Blockchain games and other silly stuff that will make you financially independent - Day 22

Just another extraordinary day, starting with some work from 6-7AM. Busy schedule today, as I have a ZOOM appointment with my Sleep Research team at 7AM, trying in the same time to add some BNB for the newest Launchpad Project, Lazio Fan Tokens on Chiliz network. As I wake up at 6AM, I did very fast my daily quests for Axie Infinity and Splinterlands, I collected the bonuses for Coingecko and CoinMarketcap, and I logged in for Doctor Who: Worlds Apart and Smighties (websites where you can buy NFT packs for login points, which are not really launched yet, but I have done this for so long that I just keep it up out of habit). Now that I finished the Zoom meeting, I write my Hive daily post, according to my own challenge, I cannot believe that I already published every day for three weeks already, soon I will have one whole month of daily writing on Hive, and I must to admit that all this effort was even pleasant.  


As for my other crypto efforts, I only focus on 2 blockchain games this month and the next, and those are Polychain Monsters, where I have reach a $60 weekly payment from NFT Staking, but I am not ready to share my ways to buy their Polkamon NFTs much much cheaper than Opensea and some other ways to add to the pile yet, I will do that once I have the full series, before their December game launch though, so keep an eye on this blog. The other game that I work on October/November is Splinterlands, where I want to manage enough SPS and vouchers to buy 500, if not 1000 packs of the new Chaos Legions set. There are plenty of benefits in doing it, so for 1000 packs you have 1 Gold and 19 normal cards from every future Airdrop, and the Legionaire title, worth 100.000 SPS Airdrop points. The packs themselves, 1150 with the bonus, are worth 300 Airdrop points each, so this is another 345.000 Airdrop points, and there are 9 month still left of SPS daily drops, so chances are that you may still receive 8000 SPS due to those packs (I round it up, not exact numbers, and 8000 SPS are worth 5500 today). This means that whatever I will pay for the packs it may be partially recovered (80% of it for my own numbers at least).


Except these ones, I would be lucky to have some extra to buy more LUNA, HIVE, UMA (check their SuperUmans channel on discord if you want to be part from some cool team project), EGLD and KCS. But enough about crypto, let's talk about something else, related to this, but not quite as much. I tend to increase the time spend in front of the screen, as I do one or other stuff, but mainly not much. I can probably finish all crypto related stuff in 30-60 minutes, if I stick to it, but quite often I find myself there, 4-5 hours later sometimes, starring at the screen. How do you manage your computer time? What are your secrets? Now this is something that I would like to know, if you people want to share.


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Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...
Crypto - I tested it, so you didn't need to...

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