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I will start by saying that all the numbers are right for today, Friday, 05.06.2020. What you will read now is a random list of fun facts and semi-important personal opinions, I may be wrong, I may be right, it is up to you to judge that. 


  • If  you were buying AWC moment of the launch (14.03.2018), your investment will be  today 642.85% higher. 


  • AWC market cap is evaluated today at $2.786.483 (or 286BTC or 11441 ETH), the volume traded in the last 24 hours is $6160.81, the reported circulating supply is 9,926,618.18 AWC and the hard market cap is 100 millions AWC. 


  • AWC is a token used mainly for discounts and payments, running natively on Ethereum blockchain using ERC20 protocol, but in 30.04.2019 50% of it was burned from ERC20 and released on Binance Mainnet using BEP2 protocol. You can use a two way swap tool to swaw the tokens between ERC20 and BEP2.


  • The founders and project collaborators got 30% of the initial supply of AWC.


  • For AWC token the all time high value was $0.36, and the all time low value was $0.02. The last 24 hours value increased by 6.1%, and you can buy 35543 AWC with 1 BTC. 


  • Their trading pairs are AWC/BNB on BinanceDex, AWC/ETH on IDEX and AWC/USDT on Hoo exchange. 


  • As media presence, there is room to improve. They got 45664 followers on Twitter (@atomicwallet), 6205 followers on Facebook, 1113 followers on Telegram and 2394 subscribers on Reddit (with 20 subscribers active right now). Their website is, and they are also present on Medium (@atomicwallet), Slack, Steemit and Publish0x. 


  • I was surprised to learn that they are not present on Beam (Coingecko feature designed to improve transparency amongst blockchain projects, where all the major cryptocurrencies are providing direct updates from the project team). Maybe they see this post and solve this issue. 


  • In the end, a bit of blah blah blah. If you didnt know yet, AWC is the internal currency for Atomic Wallet, not-custodial wallet application with added in-app trading. Holding AWC token you will have access to additional benefits, such as affiliate and bounty rewards, discount on exchange fees, extra features for the trading desk and premium support 24/7. Even more, word is through the grapevine that staking for AWC will be implemented soon. 


Hope you enjoyed reading this. Take care and always learn!







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