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Question 1: What are the miners, what are they doing and why?

Answer: The miners' role is to secure the network, using ProofOfWork (POW) to validate transactions. A group of transactions it is called mining block, and for each validated block they got rewarded with some fix amount of cryptocurrency. 

Question 2: If the total value of all cryptocurrencies was a country GDP, what will be the rank of it?

Answer: If Crypto-Land was a country, it will be ranked #49 between Irak and Greece. At the height of the cryptocurrency value, it was number 21, right after Switzerland. 


Question 3: How come that everyone can create a cryptocurrency, given the tools (some of them even free) with as much as 20-30$ expenses, but they will never be like Bitcoin?

Answer: Good question. Everyone can do it, as creating coins is easy, but creating value for those coins is really hard. 

Question 4: Is crypto regulation very different from traditional markets? Why?

Answer: Cryptocurrencies are more transparent, as public distributed ledgers record all the activity, but the regulation was lacking at the beginning, even if it is catching up lately. Anyway, the regulations are very different from one country to another, always check your local regulations (the legal aspect is very complex when we talk about cryptocurrencies, and we are developing the regulations right in this moment, in the same time with crypto-market expansion). 

This time i had only 4 questions, but i will look forward for the next time, when hopefully will be more. Twitter: @georgemihalac12

Have a nice weekend! Stay safe!



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