A Tea time story - Day 34

Thinking to check my writing skill once more and have a try to see if I can still do it. Warning: there are some Easter Eggs into the story. Enjoy it!

A Tea time story

Motto: ''I am immortal, I have inside me blood of kings, yeah, yeah I have no rival, no man can be my equal Take me to the future of you all Born to be kings, princes of the universe Fighting and free Got your world in my hand I'm here for your love and I'll make my stand We were born to be princes of the universe'' (Queen)


Last week I went to see the Rollright stones, and, on my way back, I stopped and stepped into the Long Compton Church of St. Paul and St.Peter, hiding from the rain. I enjoy my solitude, my me-time, which is something totally different than loneliness, as I often try to explain to some curious people. As I was scanning the area, out of habit, I could feel pain, and realise than another person was here, inside, and that he was in a lot of emotional distress. Made me curious, I must to admit. But I was just brush it away, thinking that it is quite normal for people in pain to come and pray to get better. Except that this one was not praying. He was a bit annoyed by my emotional and mental probe, and he turned around looked at me, as I could feel a shiver on my spine. What was he? I suddently remembered some old pictures, in some very, very old newspapers of the same guy. Massachussets, New England, end of the 19th century. And Exeter, Rhode Island, few years later. Yes, in case you wonder, I have an eidetic memory. Photographic memory, as normal people call it. I can remember _almost _everything I read or see. Is this a vampire, I am asking myself? What is he doing in here?


-Such a vivid imagination that you have, he said, turning towards me. Fancy to talk over some fish and chips and a pint?

The pub name was Red Lion, of course, a name seen quite often, since few centuries ago, the Red Lion of Scotland, now present all over United Kingdom. The irony! But coming back to my train of thoughts, here I was, with a vampire asking me out for a meal. I was curious, but a bit wary in the same time. In the end curiosity bested my common sense, and 12 minutes later, here I am, waiting for some scampi and chips, with mushy peas, and a nice large full fat Coke. He is getting fish and chips, normal garden peas, and a Newcastle Brown Ale. Strange tastes for one like them, I am thinking, seeing him choosing rather a rare steak, in my mind.

-So, what did you want to ask me? Today I feel quite chatty. Let it go!

I was thinking about the strange case of Mercy Mina Brown, as this is one of the best documented cases of the exhumation of a corpse believed to be Undead, in order to perform rituals to banish an undead manifestation. Canibalism and dark magic involved, all with the Baptist Church approval, in 1982.

-Oh, Mina, he said smiling. Nice girl, died of consumption, or as you call it now, tuberculosis. Like most of her family, they did not know how to treat that back then. Americans back then were good to US, they didn't know about vampires, even if they got some other mythical monsters. They did got the life force part right, as this is how we survive. We take some of the human life force, probably just 10-15% of it, leaving you a bit tired and sleepy. It is Bram Stoker and others like him that are to blame for all that blood stuff that you see now in the horror movies. -Mina, I ask, how come? -As I said, Bram Stoker, he was touring America in 1896, and probably heard about this case. I think this was his inspiration for Dracula. I never liked him, to be honest, them three, him, Crowley and Yeats were some nasty people. -Ray family from Grisswold, Connecticut, do you know them? -Same like the Mercy, tuberculosis. We were blamed for a lot of things back then.

-You said US, are there many of you in this world? How old are you? -1200 years. Yeah, I know, seems to be a lot. You know how it is, even if you become immortal by mistake. Most of the people from my race are dead, or living far away from civilization. Just few of us are still here. -So, onion or garlic, deadly to you? -No. -Sun killing you? -Just another myth. -Transylvania? -Bram Stoker is tro blame for this too. -Sparkling in the sun? -Heck, no! He was laughing now. I was looking at his teeth. They look normal. -One last question. why here? -This is a funny one. Fifteen century monks. They used this church to put a curse against us, using the sacred stone. You can see it, if you look for it. Back there. It is a curse to lose my powers. Make me live like a human, except that I can't die. See the irony, their curse letting me live a normal life. -Sorry for one moment, I said, excusing myself. I need to post a tweet, just something I do lately, to help some friends.

I finished eating, and I was ready to go to catch the last bus.

-Nice meeting you here. Have a nice life! -At least I had one entertaining afternoon. Say hello to your nagual, when you go back. Say George send his greetings. It is his birthday soon right? Little Witch?

A bit mystified, I am ready to go. Before stepping out, I am looking back, over my shoulder. He is right there, in the back of the pub, nodding his head. I laugh. It is not everyday that you can talk with a 1200 year old vampire. What a day!

P.S. Word of warning. Do not search the facts on Google. You may find out that...everything is true.

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