Kraken Financial

By Vasileios | Crypto Maniac | 18 Sep 2020

In Wyoming, USA, Kraken managed to get its first license as a special purpose bank with the obligation to keep 100% of the deposits in its portfolio intact. This way he will be able to give the money to the depositors at any time. The future plans are to create debit cards, remittances and to operate as a bank in the classic form but with the advantage of cryptocurrencies.

Another small step for the future form of the economy; No one knows for sure, the only sure thing is that we have taken firm steps and we are justified in believing that the future lies in cryptocurrencies. No matter how many scams happen, they can not stop the future and I personally believe that by increasing our deposits in cryptocurrencies and operating calmly we will be justified.
Value control must now pass to the citizen. You can not trust any government or organization that operates with political criteria that serve their interests and not those of their citizens.


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