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How I Turned €68.22 Into €188.83 with´s Supercharger( Step by Step Guide)

By Invictus21 | Crypto Mademoiselle | 22 Nov 2021, Staking, CRO, DYDX, HBAR

First and foremost, a disclaimer: This is NOT financial advise. Do your own strict due dilligence and research and never invest more that you can AFFORD to lose., Staking, CRO, DYDX, HBAR


Having said all that, let´s start with the details of my use and results from using´s Supercharger function (use the code ztrg7mb4dy and get $25 with your next trade). This is basically a staking function which allows this exchange´s users to contribute their token (CRO) to the liquidity pool. The minimum about to contribute is 100 CROs and in my case I saw how due to the rise in value of CRO this initiative became profitable. I first started and joined the Supercharger event on the 30th of October 2021. On that day, at 11:37am I contributed with €18.83 which bought me about 101,3CRO at their then value of 1CRO equivalent to €0,18. See screenshot below., Staking, CRO, DYDX



My second contribution was on November 1st where I contributed with €18.41 to acquire 102.8 CRO. The price of CRO was €0.17 as you can see below.

CRO, Staking, DYDX,



My third and last contribution was on November 13th where I put in 100 CRO from an investment of €30.98. Notice how this also corresponds to the rise in the value of CRO. All in all, this was a profitable endevour for me and I stayed the course during the upwards and downwards movements of CRO as well as the Crypto currency market in general. Now view the 100 CRO below:

CRO, Staking, DYDX,,HBAR

Now for the final results, as of today 22nd of November 2021, I am smiling ear to ear with my Return on Investment because my initial Euro amount of CRO of €68,83 has almost 3Xed...I am very happy with this result and I will be sharing with you my views on the next Supercharger campaign by below. This time it involves ETHERIUM. First, check out my final reward for supercharging below:

CRO, Staking, DYDX,,HBAR

If you too wants to join and even participate in this campaign you can do so here

If you join with the links I used in this article and deposit to trade on the platform you will earn $25 (It´s a sponsored link)

As I mentioned above the next campaign by as a Crypto Liquidity Mining Platform involves ETHERIUM. The ROI pales in comparison and I do not think I will be contributing liquidity, UNLESS it is more profitable than using the other´s earning instruments. As you can notice, I try to crunch the numbers and decide as objectively as I can( though it´s very difficult HENCE DYOR!!), Staking, CRO, DYDX, HBAR


In conclusion and in comparison with my Liquidity Mining on Binance,´s Supercharger with the DeFi platforms used was a more optimised choice. However, the evaluation must be done on a project to project basis for the best results. Was this useful?

Use the CODE ztrg7mb4dy to join here and earn $25


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