Two instant gratification faucets – possibly time sensitive

By Ana Dantra | Crypto made easy 2 | 10 Apr 2021

You know how it goes. There is something very alluring about free money, and faucets promise just that. But anyone who's left the parents' nest (and many who haven't) know nothing is really free, it's all a matter of choices and costs.

So for most faucets, to be able to cash out you will need to wait until the frogs dance flamenco, or put money in, or play for it (and lose everything in the process). Some are still fun, don't get me wrong. And oftentimes if you are patient enough, you do cash out. So I don't discard them altogether. But that's not what I want to talk about today.

I want to talk about instant withdraw.

I've been using for a couple of weeks two faucets that send each push of the button right to your wallet. How cool is that?

How long will it last? I don't know. But, hey! It's instant gratification while it lasts.

What's the catch?

Besides being daily rewards? I'm still thinking about it. I will share my wild reflections and would love to hear yours in the comments.

So if you are in a hurry and can deal with the very easy intricacies of both, here are the links (go and have fun):

If you are still here, I'm going to share a bit more of what understand of each project. Of course, take everything with a grain of salt, as I could be wrong.


Monkey Talks


You can claim around 0.5 Banano each 24 hours.

The procedure is super simple:

  • Click on the faucet button
  • Put your banano public key
  • Resolve the captcha
  • Check the wallet (if you want)


The business model

You can also spend what they just gave you in the same site to leave a short phrase. And apparently many people actually do it.

I'm not completely sure, but I think this faucet belongs directly to the Banano team.

The coin

Banano is a fun project that doesn't pretend to be taken seriously. The team held all the coins initially and give them away at events of different kinds. Right now there are ways to trade Banano, so it's growing up.

It's a fork of Nano and the transaction fee is zero, yes, you heard me right: zero.

The wallet

Because it's such a laid back project I chose the easiest wallet:

Banano Vault:


It's a cloud wallet. Possibly not the safest option. As usual you'll need to create a password, be given a private key and, in this case, a 24 words recovery. Keep that safe somewhere. They also will give you a public key that starts with ban_, that's the one to be used in the faucet, and a cute monkey that represents your account.

One interesting thing is that the payment is only completed when you unlock the wallet with your password. Until that you will see it pending.

Go to Monkey Talks:


Global Hive


This is also very easy to use once you created the account. You solve the captcha, claim the coin and you are done.


You will need to register and there are some options to earn more, one is to use Brave browser (if you don't have Brave they have an affiliate link for you to follow), and you can also connect your other social media platforms for extra revenue (Google, Facebook, Twitter and Likedin). I do use it via Brave—which I already had, but decided not to connect my social media. Not advice, just disclosure.

Global Hive rewards in Z-Cash, a well established coin, so any wallet will do. I set it up towards Atomic wallet.

The business model

I'm not too sure, but it does puzzles me that they offer an affiliate program. Yes, my link is an affiliate link. Not only that, but they offer rewards till Tier 4. Now the site doesn't offer any paid services, so I don't know over what they are offering those percentages.

Now... I will be very speculative here. I think the business model is twofold.

First they are very invested in Brave affiliate. I will look into this further but I think Brave is not taking affiliates anymore.

The second line of revenue could be lists. Email, and all the main social media platforms is powerful information for marketing purposes. Especially if the person gives away all of them.

How well is it working? We will see in the time the site lasts offering this.

The coin

ZEC is a semi private coin. It's in the line of Monero, but can work as private or not depending on the address. There is a very detailed article on Coinbureau about it, and I have to admit at this point is a bit over my head.

Two things I'm interested in:

  • One: It's a established private coin (which are supposed to become hot sooner than later.)
  • Two: It can be traded in Binance, and, and a couple of others. Also in DEXes like ChangeNow (aff link, this is a DEX I've used, it works)

So it's an interesting coin to have, and if it's free a lot better. Just be careful about the info you share. You might start getting unsolicited email (of course I could be wrong).

Go to Global Hive:

Cover Photo: Photo by Alexandr Podvalny from Pexels

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