My Experience with Alien Worlds - Part 2 - Changes after adding TLM to Binance Launchpool

By Ana Dantra | Crypto made easy 2 | 20 Apr 2021

I've been playing Alien Worlds for about a month now, and many things have changed.

TLM was added to Binance Launchpool, the price increased 10x (it's calming down as I write this) and this situation lead to many consequences.

I haven't used the teleport that move TLM to the BNB ecosystem, so I'm not going to talk about that side of the equation in this post. I'm going to talk about the changes I saw in the game and the Wax ecosystem, and what I learned in the process. 

If you are about to jump into Alien Worlds, I recommend you to check out my first article (there are many others, of course). I will skip here the details about what the game is about, etc.

So what are the changes?


Change Number 1: TLM to the Moon!


Yes, TLM went bonkers and the price increased 10x, going as high as 3 WAX. Funny enough, during the days they froze Alcor to introduce the adjustments with Binance, my TLM grew (I couldn't do anything with it) and once the door opened again I got 123 WAX for those 3 or so days.

This created a craze around Alien Worlds, and specially the NFTs. People were paying insane amounts for them. I don't have many and didn't sell. But some people I know sold some and were very happy with the result.

Now slowly but surely, things are calming down.

This situation taught me a thing or two about the power of opportunity with regards of new frontiers like crypto. I was there doing my thing, knowing that I would only get about a buck a month, and from one moment to the next, now I have $40 worth of Wax related coins in my wallet. And I'm just a small fish in the sea. Remember Dory, from Saving Nemo? More or less like that. (yes, of course, tomorrow I could have $1 again, but nobody knows what will happen next month or next year...)

Some people who were playing with AW for longer than me, took enough out to buy new toys. And the most mind blowing part is: it has zero entry cost and anyone that can click can do it.

Is this the only opportunity in the crypto space? I'm sure it's not. I believe it's full of places where someone with a healthy finger and a computer can make some cash. I will share my findings as I go along.


Change Number 2: Technical difficulties


First off, when I tried to use anything Wax related after the changes, nothing worked! I looked around and asked around, and other people were having problems too. They recommended me to use Chrome... only that I don't even have Chrome anymore. People also told me there were new Captchas in. So I gave a hard look at my Brave browser and decided to put down the shields.

Ok, that worked.

Now that I mentioned the captchas. Yes, you have to solve a captcha to enter the game, to claim the TLMs and many other blockchain related activities. Not a big deal, but considering the typical five minutes of delay (it can be more depending on different factors), it's seriously distracting. Now you need to engage two neurons, can't do it with just half, like before.


Change Number 3: Substantial drop in the TLM production


Ok, it kind of makes sense that if TLM now has some real value it can't be so easy to get it. Besides that there were a sort of invasion of newcomers, and bots. For the same plot, same cards, etc, after the changes I started mining 1/5 of before.

In the frenzy to correct the “problem”, I switched my three drills for a transistor, a drill and a shovel. It didn't work that well, as it was expected if I had really taken the time to understand what the lil numbers on the corners of the cards mean. I don't claim to understand it now, but I do understand that the drill is still more powerful than the capacitor and the shovel.

A comment about this: to setup the three drills I had to play with the bag in, as I commented in my previous article. Now, to take that out wasn't easy. I used a caveman method that is probably not the best option, but worked: I staked all the drills in R-planet, then it let me add other tools.

Another thing I learned as a consequence of this drop in TLM (I was daydreaming with the previous amounts and the new prices, oh my...), was that I learned a bit more of the game per se.

One interesting place to look or the best parcels to mine is here (you are welcome and have fun):

Now, I'm probably going to do the three drills thingy again. Maybe...


Change Number 4: Alcor added liquidity pools


So now when you go to Alcor for trading Aether into TLM or Wax, there are other two lil buttons. Add liquidity and Remove liquidity. I've never invested in liquidity so far, and it was in my crypto bucket list, so I jumped in. Put my lil Aether with Wax, then some TLM with Wax, and in another round I added Aether/TLM.

The system charges 0.3% per transaction and that is distributed among the providers quantitatively. To do it, it uses tokens as mediators. You will see them in the wallet. Apparently they are not supposed to be traded, they are there to tell the system how much you staked.

I still don't know if it's a good investment or not. I didn't add much so I didn't see results yet. All in all, it's a new opportunity for passive income, so if it works, why not?

The risks:

Liquidity pools in general come with a small print attached. Here is what I understood from reading Alcor docs.

There is something called impermanent loss that needs to be considered. When we add liquidity, we do it in pairs at the values of the moment. The ratio then stays fixed through the new tokens. When we recover the coins that ratio will stay as the one we put in. We could lose even with the 0.3%. I don't claim to competently understand it, but for what I understood, the best way to add liquidity is spread it in time, so everything balances out. Now... I could be waaay wrong. I have no idea what I'm doing. (remember the Dory comment before? Yep, that' s me)

The second risk is to be liquidated in case of a horde coming in due to big differences in prices to other exchanges. Of course they say this will not likely happen.

The third risk, and they don't mention this one, is hacking. It is centralized. We are depositing the coins there.

Now... considering that I'm in Wax to play, get some NFTs and maybe have some altcoin in my bag, I'm not going to invest enough to worry.

So, all in all, WAX is growing and becoming a more robust ecosystem in front of our eyes. Really awesome to be a tiny part of it.

What do you think of the changes? 


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