Dogecoin - The Little Coin That Could

By CryptoAnon4 | Crypto Life! | 9 May 2019

Dogecoin has had some nice gains in the last month or two! And in general as a whole... The recent adoption by Coinbase seemed to surprise a lot of people, including some of the developers! It is incredible how something that was created as a joke has come so far. It seems like one of the things holding this coin so strong is that since it has such a large supply, each coin stays at a low price, which makes the fees so low. It's hard not to use a coin like this! Let's not forget Elon Musk's endorsement of the coin as well. That always helps! It seems to just be a good old uncontroversial coin... I hold a small amount myself. What do you guys think of this little coin that could?

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