Swissborg : what's that ? My Review

Swissborg : what's that ? My Review

By Ariman | Crypto_Life_Style | 16 Oct 2020

Hello everybody! Thanks for reading :-)

In this post I want to share with you my experience with the Swissborg ecosystem. I first heard about it this summer, but initially I've got confused because they offer many services; it's a crypto startup project based in Switzerland. All team members are well documented on the website page, which is a good point to avoid scams.

This is definitely not a scam! 

Their purpose is to build a large community based on meritocracy, transparency and innovation.

They already collected 50 millions $ during their ICO and they had been awarded as top asset management project at the "World Blockchain Foundation".


1. The SwissBorg Community App


 This app was created to have a vast public,  made both of experienced as well as inexperienced users, with an approach called Gamefication: make the concept look like a game, and people will enjoy while earning and learning.

So this app is really basic, with a dashboard where it is shown the Bitcoin price chart of a few past days and a button " Forecast " . The game is consist in guessing if in the next 24 hours the Bitcoin market price will go up or down, just a binary choice. 

As a starter you will begin with 3000 points, which you can use to make those bets and earn more. 

Together with the Forecast game, in the app is also a section with lessons and news to learn about cryptos and blockchain.

What's the purpose?

It is to make people comfortable with chart analysis in an easy and risky-free way, and at the same time it's possible to earn some REAL money if you manage to reach the top of the ranking list and , importantly, they assured that people joining later the competition will still have equal probability to reach leaderboard by adjusting in-app points rewards.

In fact there are 16 badges to get , like "7day in a row activity" or some other simple tasks, which will make earn you more points ( and if  you complete them all , not easy, you will be rewarded with 250 CHSB , their native token). Everybody starts with 3000 point and top 20'000 ranked (now 150'000 total persons) will receive a Btc prize.

If you want to download the SwissBorg Community App click here (no referral). If you want to be kind with me, use my referral ID N4TYRS1Q while submitting your personal info (actually they just need phone number) to start the competition with +3000 point !!! 


2. The SwissBorg Wealth App


This is the most important one, where users can have access to a variety of financial servicies:

  • Buy/sell crypto assets with Fiat
  • Deposit and trade top cryptocurrencies
  • Analyse crypto trends
  • Check multiple exchanges for best prices!!!

And more, they will soon implement a Smart Yeld Functionality, with which they promise a 20% annual return on USDC deposits.

For a limited time, the SwissBorg team is giving a reward bonus: for referred users there is a free "ticket" which you will have to "scratch" and can be worth from 1-to-100 $  in Bitcoin! This is for the referred users who deposit at least 50€ (or equivalent in your currency)  in the form of Fiat or Crypto, after passing the KYC.

If you want to join this funny and innovative Swiss community, just click HERE, insert your phone number and them install the app (you will be guided).

I was quite unconfident about the Swissborg project, but after having read many articles about them and by using their apps for while, I'm now confident to have made a good guess :-)



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