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By Gidroman | Crypto - life is good | 4 May 2021

The Love coin project is not an independent cryptocurrency, but tokens on the stellar blockchain - this is a rather advanced approach, because the stellar blockchain is larger and faster compared to the aging blockchain ether, which still operates on a proof-of-work consensus algorithm. But the fact that Love coin does not work on the Ethereum blockchain should not scare you off with an unfamiliar blockchain infrastructure, stellar also has a large number of wallets and applications that support its storage and sending. The creators of the Love coin project aim to spread love around the world. They plan to do this using love tokens that have several unusual functions.

First, like any other cryptocurrency, love coin tokens can be sent as transactions to other people. As they say
the creators of the love coin on their website: love tokens can be shared with friends and family, thereby transferring to them the value expressed in cryptocurrency.

In addition, LOVE COIN has a very unusual donation function. Its essence lies in the fact that you can donate LOVECOIN tokens to whoever needs it most. To stimulate the donation process and increase the distribution of LOVE tokens, the creators of the love coin project also introduced a 9% cashback mechanic.

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Crypto - life is good
Crypto - life is good

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