View More Ads On Bave! (Update)

View More Ads On Bave! (Update)





(Update: $0.0045 is their actual worth? This is odd. Could it be that their system doesn't update as they send. I believe it doesn't show iterationsthat small. That's something to take a note of lqtm)


Unless their system doesn't update quite right, but I doubt it. I trust them right now because they have yet to do me wrong. 


Now keep reading for the title prompt..



  After all these years of collecting phones from my family as I upgrade them,  I have been left with quite a few phones and a tablet, plus my daily driver and a laptop. I have installed Brave on each and every one if then because I tend to switch through them as media and at home browsing devices, I try to spend my time away from my active phone after work.  

I have noticed that each and every time the first few days after installing the browser i receive many ads. They only seem to slow down as time passes and my amount of ads viewed increases. 

I thought this was weird because my search habits have been changing, (to include different topics, as stated in my last Crypto post on the Brave Browser). So on one of my media phones I decided to reset my rewards (after tipping the BAT  to myself through Brave Creators and a YouTube account) to see what effect it had. 



  The ads began to roll in just as before, but I had to utilize the phone and browser just as much, which is a little off to make it profitable, I think. It's an option if you want to gain a little BAT, but whether you have the time that's on you. 


This was just a little idea I had, I hope it helps and what not~









I believe that we are what we are in fault of our surrounding information and accrued knowledge. Everything I post is in hopes of expanding others imagination and perspective of life around them. (Will be updated..regularly?)


Just things I've noticed on cryptocurrency and purchase patterns . etc.

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