How To Calculate Profit

How To Calculate Profit

[By the way today I had realized that I have been blindly moving crypto around, BECAUSE it WAS free money.. Yea it was REALLY stupid of me I know.. I hear you.

     I know this is common knowledge among seasoned traders, but to the soon-to-be-seasoned trader (like myself) it may not be all that common. I'm sure there is other ways to calculate it more precisely, but the straightforward equation I happened to learn is all you need to get started.

Its may feel a little convoluted but I think it should do for now.  Its easiest seen with larger worth coins.
Remember DYOR and Take Any And All Financial Advice With A Mountain Of Salt!


E * w =z


First, you find the percentage of a coin that you own, such as ETH. The equation would be something to the likes of E * w =z . Where E is equal to the amount that ETH is worth, represents the amount of ETH that you own, and being its value. 


This can be done with any cryptocurrency and once you have that down all you need to do is inject  your target crypto to E.

 E- $392.42  * w-  0.02014288 = z- $7.90


E rises to 415.45 so we will go ahead and swap E out with that giving us

E- $415.45 * w- 0.02014288 = z- $8.36


Finding the difference between $8.36 and $7.90 gives us a profit of $0.46.

That is the simplest form of profit tracking! You pull out about three-fourths of that $0.46 giving you $.034. You move that to a stable coin or move it over to a staking account.


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Now you have a head-start on that stake, keep a positive on that portfolio, besides the fluctuations of this market, and any fall in worth will be softened by that MASSIVE cushion of a COOL  $0.12 Easy!

Enjoy this little tip and good luck on your trades and on that MASSIVE $0.12 cushion!~ 


I believe that we are what we are in fault of our surrounding information and accrued knowledge. Everything I post is in hopes of expanding others imagination and perspective of life around them. (Will be updated..regularly?)


Just things I've noticed on cryptocurrency and purchase patterns . etc.

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