"The Faith Of The Harvest Team" (Matrix inspired)

"The Faith Of The Harvest Team" (Matrix inspired)

By Sebbe_727 | Bitcoin Analysis | 10 Nov 2020

The Faith Of The Harvest Team

Once upon a time, there was a chad, a simp, and a doomer. The chad had the name of Alexander and was very tall, muscular, including a very strong jawline. Alexander's special interest was to hang around with two of his best buddies Gabriel and Mika, not because he enjoyed them, his single goal was to get a one-night stand with their sisters subsequently. Gabriel would portray himself as a bad boy but he wasn't even near that, he was that type of guy that could do everything for a girl, EVEN TAKE HIS MOM CREDIT CARD TO BUY THE LATEST MICHAEL KORS BAG and give it to a girl. Mika by the way was not a simp but a lonely guy and he's the best attribute in the world was to go to classes and smoke cigarettes.  

One evening when the sun had gone down and the day had come to an end, Mika sat down and was very bored because he had just smoked his 6th cigarette of the day. He was thinking about all the time he had wasted at school, he was living in a paradox, he wasn't himself in school and even if he could stop acting like someone else, it wouldn't help him. His "friends" there weren't his real friends and all the girls just disregarded him. Alexander and Gabriel were in different schools and he knew that it was them that was missing in his life. He had just read another philosophy book from Nietzsche, the philosopher who attained the message "life is suffering, so find something worth suffering for", but what was it that was worth suffering for? 


Alexander opened Snapchat and he had just got his second girlfriend approach of the day. He screened the message who said, "You have such a strong jawline, I want to be with you!". Alexander screened it and send it to Gabriel (the simp) when he saw the message he couldn't believe his eyes. Why the hell is girls attracted to those types of people like Alexander! Stop it!
Gabriel was tired of being left out by girls, he was furious about the fact that Alexander basically was born perfect and during the time that Gabriel tried to better himself to girls, Alexander was out partying with friends and he did not need to care about his reputation because his chad-ness was compensating.

Next day: 
As you probably realize the joy of life for Mika and Gabriel isn't at its full peak, they were both struggling many days in a row, both emotionally and in life, they had to do something but they did not know how or what they should focus on. So they meet up and decided to get some help, but where should they get guidance from? Self-help? Biz gurus? Or wait! stated Mika. 
- We need to get help from our chad friend! Right now! He is the only person that can be willing to help us!
- That sounds like a great idea! replied Gabriel with a big smile on his face.

They went feather through the town, with one big intention, to meet up with Alexander and change their life forever! They knew where he lived but they weren't sure if he was home at the moment, Alexander was that type of guy who was involved in a lot of social projects like partying, meeting up with girls, and hanging around with his chad friends. Sometimes you couldn't even contact him on Snapchat because he had special times trough out the day he would answers because he was so popular. When they had come to the front door, they mention something very odd. The front door was open, why would they have put the front door open? Was it Alexanders' parents who maybe had done it by mistake? When they started to operate again against the door they discovered something very odd, the Mercedes bens that used to be parked outside them wasn't there, the yellow mountain bike who Alexander used to ride to school with wasn't either there. Both of them had a strange feeling, but they understand that they had to go in there and see if it was something there. They closely sneaked against the door, and ringed at the doorbell, when no one was heard they understood that they needed to go in, they both thought it might be a mistake that the door is open. They walked slowly toward the living room and after a few inspections they realized something, this did not look like Alexander's home! They turned around and ran towards the door, they had just realized that they had picked the wrong house when Mika had just got out from the door he heard a frightful yell from Gabriel. Mika's heart began to beat faster than before, he stepped toward the house again occupied by a scary feeling, what had to happen to Gabriel?

The unsure feeling proceeded and he got into the house again and yelled "Gabriel! Gabriel!, where are you?", perhaps it was just a joke, maybe Gabriel's intention was to scare him. "Gabriel stays away with your tricks, it isn't funny anymore!". Mika was very exhausted and wanted to go home, so he turned around and began to proceed homeward. Immediately when he had turned, he felled something dragging him backward, it was a force of some kind. It wasn't natural and he couldn't even think of what it was that had pulled him back that far. He pulled himself up from the ground, unwillingly angry about the situation, he was tired of Gabriel's inferior jokes. When he had pulled himself up, he couldn't believe what he saw, it was a creature, nothing anywhere near a human, it was so unnatural formed, it had a hand that was bigger than anyone face, it had a face that was so unnatural formed that it even would make big mama would look like a photo model.



The creature was looking at him with its black eyes at the same time as it smiled with its extended aperture. Mika was standing there completely divided from the world, he's only conception was to understand what the creature was and why it was standing there. 

- Hello, my name is Mika, have you seen my friend? He should be around here, his name is Gabriel.

But it didn't answer, it was just standing there, completely lost, despite the question Mika just asked. There was a strange feeling there, Mika wanted to leave but something inside him said that it wasn't the right time yet. He needed answers about this extraordinary discovery. This was the right moment to face something that was an almost completely strange experience to individuals in humankind.

- Where are you from? did Mika lecture, without result? Maybe he was just so tired and did not really see anything and his brain had begun to play games with him. He decided to go home, it was pretty late now and he didn't want to be late for dinner. When he had turned down he had a feeling of error and he again feels a force dragging him backward. 

The creature started talking with a dark voice and after brought out two capsules; 

The red pill or the blue pill: Endless consumption or sustainable future?

- I have under a long period of time followed your journey, you have struggled with a lot of things in life, I give you a request, you take the normie-pill the story ends, you wake up and continue living your regular life, or you take the blockchain-pill and I will show you how far down the chad hole you can go. 

Mika didn't understand, was it just an illusion he was living in? Was it a coincidence that he had has such anxiety relief today? Mika really wanted to become the best version of himself and he understands that if he didn't choose one of the capsules he wouldn't come from the place alive. 

- What is the blockchain-pill? did Mika asked with a nervous tone

- You know what it is! did the creature reply

- What do you mean I know? Supplicated Mika to the creature 

- What you know you can't describe, but you perceive it. You've known it your entire life, that there's something incorrect with the system. But you don't exactly know what it is. 

The creature's answer did leave Mika speechless, he wasn't sure, but the things he had just heard were so true! At this moment he had got a lot of motivation but he was still unsure about which of the capsules he would choose. Suddenly both Alexander and Gabriel came into the room, Mika was looking at them with a surprised facial expression and said: 

- Hello guys I had been missing you! Where have you been? Do you also see this creature?

At this moment no one of them was answering his questions, they were just looking at each other with distinctive eye contact, Gabriel sat down and immediately stood up again, right now he was looking at Mika. They were both staring at each other, and after a while, they started to move towards Mika. The scariness that Mika felt inside him continued down to his legs, he couldn't move, the fact that Alexander hadn't been there before, made it more horrific. At the moment both Alexander and Gabriel stood a few inches from him, Mika observed how gone their eye focus was. This wasn't Alexander and Gabriel, these were demons or some kind of devils. How can I escape from this situation? Was Mika considering! He was also thinking about the time when he was younger and a similar incident had happened to him. A little girl had come to him with eye contact that was looking immediately into his soul... after that, he realized something. 

This cant be true! You are just some type of spirit, I should have never capitulated over this, and if I thought for a moment that you could hurt me I was very wrong!
After Mika's reply, the creature started to scream:

Take the blockchain - pill! Take it! You will regret this later, I have you on my back, you need to take the pill before I kill you!

Finally, Mika did get back the ability to run, he turned around and sprinted as fast as he could, when he had come to the door, he realized that it was locked. He tried to open it, but it didn't work! Right now he felt the panic overwhelming his body. The creature was operating towards him, backward he could see Alexander and Gabriel just standing there, like dead zombies. 
Mika did take up a big book that was standing on the shelf, he trowed it against the window, nothing happened. What the hell? Was the glass made of rocks or something? He flustered up two the second floor. The stairs looked like they had been there for like 100 years or something. Whoever that has lived in this house must have been some refugees or something. When he had come to the last step of the stairs he realized that the upstairs was completely empty! No furniture, no decorations, exactly nothing! At this moment he obtained that this might be the last moment of his life. I was nothing he could do, the creature was clowning up on the stairs with heavy footsteps and an additional bloodthirsty expression on his face. Suddenly it became a total manner of silence. Mika waited for something to happen but it was still a complete sense of silence. Mika did feel an optimistic feeling right now, maybe he was safe!

He was moving gently against the stairs, for the first time he felt some type of confidence in these circumstances, he had never in his life stand up for himself and now he felt the courage to challenge his fate. He remembered all the bullies, all the misfortunes with girls, and bad grades. Mika had never felt more alive than he did now, he felt like Sergio Ramos playing against FC Barcelona or Muhammad Ali fighting for his country. He wanted to kick the shit out of the demon and he wanted to prove to himself who he truly was. 
Suddenly the creature jumped against Mika but he wasn't scared anymore 

Hahaha, what the hell are you? did Mika stated with a smile on his face at the same time that he struck the creature with a hard punch, it falled back. Mika walked to the creature and said
Is that all you got? One f%#king punsch and you are already down!
The face of the creature changed, it transformed to more humanized and smooth, the face reconstructed to an asian man. 
After that the creature said something interesting:

- You cant kill me, I am the selected one!

- What are you talking about? You are just a demon! replied Mika confidently 

- No I am Satoshi Nakamoti! Your father!

- Noooooooooooooooooooo

Mika was falling apart, he who never had meet his father in his entire life and now he found out that the creator of bitcoin was his real father. 

You need to take the blockchain-pill, its now or never, you and your friends have in mission to build the next bitcoin, it will be called harvest finance.

Mika braked into tears, he had never had this type of mood swings before, going from soft over to mad into anxious in a matter of minutes. It was a horrible feeling, he couldn't believe what he had just heard.

Why did you do this to me? What have I deserve to be here? insisted Mika 

We don't have any time for this! You have to take blockchain-pill! You have a mission to evolve the next cryptocurrency, is going to be a fantastic part of the future, is going be better than any currency ever seen. Is going to become the number one token of all time! Believe in me, sir! I have been through hard times before.

Mika reached his hands out and took the pill. When he had taken the pill, his mind became very delusional, suddenly he disguises that he riding on a carousel with Nicola Telsa talking to him about the frequencies of nature. In the next moment he saw Albert Einstein doing somekind of the experiment, he saw philosophers from the English renencase, people who he had never heard about but they were very clever and smart, probably very famous people from the past. 
Suddenly he woke up, He asked himself a simple question "Was it just a weird dream?" and after a time he pursued it to himself. When he had got up from his bed and saw a piece of paper, he took it up and read it.

The air is thin tonight for you and your team,
Y'all demand to obey the harvest finance plan
Sarcastic snow and harsh winds is an indication of a lonesome heart
The only thing I see are sights that twinkle
We follow each other a bit side by side
It's warmer now than just now
Too early our paths fall part
All that remains is the vision of your heart
You earned the blockchain-pill!
// Your dad

At this moment Mika realized that it wasn't just some kind of a dream! He was so happy in an emotional way, he couldn't believe that his dad was Satoshi Nakamoto. After a while when the tears had drained, he locked himself in the mirror. He realized that he wasn't ugly in any way, he realized that he himself had been the strongest critic in his entire life. He chose to call his two best friends Alexander and Gabriel. 

- Hello Gabriel, do you know where Alexander is? I wonder if you want to meet up today and do something?

- I don't know, right now, I am with my girlfriend 

- Have you got a girlfriend? questioned Mika with a surprising tone 

- Yes I have!

- Congratulations Gabriel!!!

- Thx m8! Did you also have some strange dreams tonight Mika?

- Yes I wanted to talk about them with you and Alexander!

- I have already contacted Alexander, he also had the strange dream about taking some "Blockchain-pill", a pretty interesting fact is that I from nothing have got the skills to develop any kind of blockchain, so if you are into this we can create this Farmer finance coin. 

- Of course, but what type of job should I and Alexander have in this project

- You can be marketers!

- Sounds like and good idea :) 


Later that day

- I have a marketing idea! we can make a contest when the best writer of a horror novel is going to win a limited amount of our cryptocurrencies! 
- But where should we have it?
- Publish0x 

SEEMS LIKE A GOOD IDEA! - Crazy Eyes Steve Buscemi | Meme Generator

Year 2025:



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