How EOS Will Change How Games And Apps Receive Money

By Loomy | Crypto Latest News | 3 Jan 2021

EOS has many important features that will help improve how apps and games accept microtransactions

  • EOS has no fees which make it ideal to use for small transactions that are only worth a few cents


  • EOS has lightning speed transactions that are confirmed in under half of a second and are completed in under 2 minutes making it a great option for everyday purchases


  • EOS also has great developer tools aimed at helping developers integrate EOS into their applications without needing to learn new materials. EOS uses existing tools already used by developers which make integrating EOS simple and easy


EOS is utilized best when used for microtransactions with apps and games because there are no mining fees and the transactions are super quick. Overall EOS will help expand cryptocurrencies into the world of mobile apps as well as web-based applications.

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Crypto Latest News

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