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By cryptojourney | crypto journey | 12 Mar 2020

Over the past several days I have been going through the Google Play store looking through multiple options as to what is available and which actually work. At first it was primarily just to see what existed and what sort of crypto was available from a single source faucet. Since starting my crypto project I feel it pays off to know what is being offered and more importantly if they work as well as the claims you see. For some options you can see they are totally worthless and other it can be hard to know without giving the app a try. To be honest it always a little risky as some are not that forthcoming as to how much you can earn or what the payout thresh hold is.

I will be honest the first set of faucets that I tried out were connected to CoinPot and they work, but they payouts are pretty poor unless you are willing to actually use the rotator all day long. Like many seeking an easy source early on it seemed great until I really looked deeper. The payouts on their platform outside of Litecoin and Doge are a bit on the high side even if you convert to a single currency. After a full month of doing this and clearing out the micro wallet as Litecoin I had amassed what basically amounted to about 75 cents. I would rate that as a poor return. Due to this I have abandoned the use and turned to more targeted sources.

What do I mean by the idea of targeted sources when it comes to a faucet? First a single crypto rather than splitting my time up to collecting fractions of many. As a user of a faucet you have to think of your time and input as the primary tool to gathering up enough for a payout. That means the returns have to reflect that as an RIO as you are not buying crypto with fiat but with your time. In short that brings two different types of faucets that I am personally targeting within a single targeted crypto.

First being minimally time intensive for a guaranteed payout set at a weekly minimum. The second option and the more profitable I would categorize as effort intensive for greater and sustained gains dependent on how much you want to put into collecting or how little. These will give you something either way, but more effort means more crypto as result. 

Fast and Easy options:

Free Litecoin - I have been using this faucet I believe for close to three weeks now and have been able to hit payouts each time with minimal time spent. To be fair I have not used the offerwall or done available surveys and will not be doing so. I have used the bonus videos to boost my earnings which can be done every four hours and that takes on average five minutes. All individual gains are random with potential for good ones given luck. Payout if you meet the min thresh hold of 20k Litoshi is auto set for every Tuesday. 

Free Bitcoin Cash - This is a sister faucet to that above with basically the same set up, but with a lower cash out thresh hold of just 10k. I personally have found the random hourly rewards in general are quite a bit smaller. This faucet for what its worth does pay out just as they say, however don't expect great rewards unless you get lucky.

Game Based Options:

I have seen and tried out a few of these types of faucets over the last couple of months and I have found some of them to be fun, some pathetically boring, and some are just totally worthless as a means to any meaningful crypto collection. I'll list a few I have more recently given a shot and leave the decision up to you.

CryptoPop (Ether)

StellarPop (Stellar)

CoinBlast (BTC)

All three are apps by the same group and basically the same game that are add supported. I have gotten payouts from CryptoPop several times now all of them rather small to test that it actually pays. Of these CoinBlast is the most polished and really the only true game that seems to have had actual time put into it. Get 1,000 coins to get a payout of roughly 250 Satoshi. I know the returns crypto wise are small and seem practically worthless, but for a quick time killer while waiting for a bus pull it up for some fun and get a little reward in the process. 

Effort Intensive:

Cointiply (BTC or Doge)- I have been using this option for a while now and have yet to take a payout as of yet by choice. Why? I could chose to get my BTC now and forgo the reward for holding 35k coins or keep adding to get to 85k to get the benefit of both. They have the hourly faucet that we all like and enjoy for its ease, but the real earnings are from watching videos ( up to 12 daily), PTCs, surveys, and offerwall rewards. I probably could have gotten to my goal much sooner using all of the options, but there is only so much time to dedicate to higher earnings. I work through some surveys a couple days a week and do the PTCs. If you got a decent amount of time to put into Cointiply the rewards are quite a bit higher than any faucet I have found. Currently I am holding on to $5.32 of BTC after three weeks of actual daily use.

Quicrypto (BTC or Nano) - This is my most recent find in the Play store. Something you need to be aware of if you decide to try this one is that once you choose which crypto to earn it seems to lock in that choice. In many ways it is really similar to Cointiply meaning the more time and effort you are willing to put into it the greater your rewards will be. I chose to give their Nano option a try rather than BTC. That may have been the wrong choice, but it's still too early to know for sure. They have what is called Blitz Missions every four hours which can be up to 3 or 4 adds for a reward. The offerwall has a number of survey and app download options. If you have used or use the Storm Play app many of the app download options will look familiar. This faucet allows for a payout every 24 hours and is very easy to deal with. So far I have collected half a Nano in less than a day and will take my payout only once I hit 1 Nano or more for ease of conversion to something else if I decide to down the road.

Well I think that wraps up the faucet options that I have found to be paying out, interesting, or worth the time vs. ROI factor. I have gotten some fun out of the games, but don't really see them as something to truly get excited about reward wise. If you are a more serious crypto faucet hunter I would honestly suggest just using a couple that will ultimately be worth your time and effort. Over all I have had some fun looking into and evaluating the options out there. Every now and then something nice seems to turn up in the Play store. 

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crypto journey
crypto journey

This year I have started getting more into cryptocurrency than in years past. So I figured why not document my first real foray into the space now that I actually have some skin in the game.

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