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How I became an Uplander creating my own NFT collection.

        Yupiii, I'm officially an Uplander. I'm going to tell you how I managed to increase the value of my account by 10,000 UPX. With a little bit of creativity.

        That is my first post, so let me introduce myself in this crypto world. I remember my first approach to bitcoin when it cost around $ 200. I was collecting satoshis on different faucets, until I formatted the PC and lost everything. A couple of years ago I bought some cryptokitties, but of course this time I had learned my lesson and I wrote down my private key on paper. Two weeks ago I found my private key and here I am: catching up on the whole blockchain technology landscape.

Capture of the blockchain game: Upland

         With my return to the crypto world, the first dapp that caught my attention was Upland. I loved the fact that I could own virtual properties that correspond to properties that exist in the real world. I downloaded it and in a moment I had already completed the basic collections. There came my disappointment: my account must have a value of 10,000 UPX for these virtual properties to be mine. I quickly realized that I needed to enter the bonuses daily for more than a month to get to be an Uplander. As I was discovering and observing the different projects in the blockchain, the other day I came up with an idea and I had to try it.

Create my own collection of NFTs

UPX Fruits, UPX Lemon


          When I discovered WAX the king of NFTs my eyes widened. Being able to create my own crypto stuff on the blockchain at practically zero cost is wonderful. I decided to create my collection of NFTs: UPX Fruits, with the purpose of exchanging them for visits to my properties. I created the first collectible the UPX Lemon. I was running here at Publish0x to post my creation, but I was disappointed when I saw that I had to wait to be approved as an author. So what I did was comment on what I had done on the Upland dsicord server.

         The support I received was enormous. On the same day I distributed more than half of the UPX Lemons (there are only 100). I got a lot of visits and got the Uplander. There are many good people in the Upland community, many complimented me on the idea I had.  Some bought me a property for 5000 UPX or also traded a San Francisco property for a Fresno one. I currently have 8 properties with a total value of 18.891 UPX. I'm very happy.

Capture of GanjaFlay´s profile in the blockchain game Upland

The next goal: to be a PRO


      If you want to get a UPX Lemon NFT just visit my property on Upland. (Contact with me)

      In the next post I will introduce you to the collection of UPX Fruits and how you can get one of my NFTs. Stay tunned! More UPX Fruits are coming soon.

      You still don't know Upland!! Join with my referral link:


     Thank you for reading.

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Crypto journey from scratch
Crypto journey from scratch

In this blog I want to document my journey into the world of the blockchain technologies. I am starting from scratch with many ideas in mind and I think this is the ideal space to translate them into reality. I invite you to join me on this crypto journey.

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