Publish0x's first withdrawal from KuCoin

By nervi | Crypto Journalism | 1 Apr 2021

Today I received my first payout from Publish0x via the KuCoin exchange. I discussed this news in this post. If you have not yet registered for the exchange then waste no time. However, I would like to lean on one topic.

I am not sure if I received the 10% bonus promised by the Publish0x team. When I enter my profile and withdrawal section I see that I received cryptocurrencies in the identical amount as when I ordered the withdrawal. And I should get 10% more after all. I don't know if this is some kind of error or if this bonus will be credited later, but personally I didn't get it.

The integration of the new withdrawal method may have caused some problems for the team, not to mention that the withdrawal was delayed.

I received a total of about $15 in AMPL and ETH. I promptly exchanged them on the KuCoin exchange for USDT and I exchanged Tether for BCH because it offers the lowest withdrawal commission of these most popular cryptocurrencies. There was also Litecoin but I gave it up because Bitcoin Cash suits me better.


Now I have 0.0278 BCH which I can allocate to HODL or to my further small investments. This amount of BCH is probably too small for me to just sit on my wallet so in the near future I will dedicate these tokens to invest in CUB Finance, a DeFi project owned by LeoFinance. You can read about it here. It's a really promising project and I'm putting even more promise in it because LeoFinance exists on my beloved blockchain Hive. You can create your account for free on the Hive blockchain and earn tokens!

How about you guys? Have you received more tokens on the exchange? Let me know please in the comments.

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