Minimum withdrawal price increased on Publish0x
Publish0x update Nervi

Minimum withdrawal price increased on Publish0x

By nervi | Crypto Journalism | 4 Feb 2021

On the official Publish0x blog today we could read that the minimum amount required for withdrawal has been increased.

It might seem suspicious that the minimum has doubled but when you look at the transactions sent from Publish0x wallet, you will understand why they decided to take such a step. All we have to do is enter the ERC-20 transfer. I entered the transaction sending FARM tokens and my eyes froze when I saw that they spent $423.96 on transaction fees. This made the value of the tokens being sent far less than the commission alone to send the transaction. Now that made me feel sorry for them.

But Publish0x wants to make it up to us! The change in the payout amount is temporary, they write about it on their blog. But they have found a way to send us our earned tokens without any fees! All we have to do is transfer them to our CEX exchange account. And on top of that we will be able to receive a bonus of 10% on our first withdrawal. Such a procedure will perhaps allow us to withdraw more often than weekly or monthly and on top of that the minimum amount would be only half a dollar. It is also worth noting that the exchange does not require KYC verification for small amounts.

In my opinion this is a great move for two reasons. First, it will save the Publish0x team a lot of resources they are now losing through very high commissions. And secondly, some users will get familiar with the exchanges which will develop their skills and maybe they will like the way of playing on the exchange and invest somewhere their money earned on Publish0x.

What is your opinion on this topic? Let us know about it in the comments.

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