How you could earn $100 playing Alien Worlds

By nervi | Crypto Journalism | 17 Apr 2021

I wrote about Alien World fairly recently. I've been playing this game for about two three weeks now and thanks to this game I got $100 richer without even knowing it.

A few days ago Binance released the TLM token for trading on the exchange using their method of releasing new tokens under the name Launchpool. The price shot up momentarily to $10 but immediately dropped around 60 and 50 cents. Now its price is almost 40 cents and in my opinion it will slowly fall. I believe so because when we could exchange TLM for Alcor then its price settled around 0.06WAX/TLM. So if we sold 1000 TLM then we would have about $14, now on Binance it comes out to $385.

I started playing Alien World when Launchpool Binance was not yet known. I talked to people about how to get the most TLM tokens and what planet to be on to have a chance to get NFT. I managed to collect a few dozen TLM which I sold for over 230 WAX. I managed to get less than 200 WAX by getting NFT in Alien Worlds. The chance to get an item is 2.64%, which statistically means once in 38 times. Sometimes this rule works, because in the end with such a chance it is pure randomness.

I think that Alien Worlds has a big future. The game has potential and you don't need a minimum contribution to see what this game is about. If we want to get a lot of cards and TLM we have to invest in better equipment though. This, however, costs a lot now because there is a very big Hype and FOMO on Alien Worlds. Who sold at the maximum price could count on a profit of several times within a week (If he bought a fortnight ago some different items).

I will continue to play Alien Worlds despite the few features currently present in the game, the game seems to be really fun. The money I earned from Alien Worlds will be put in the DeFi platforms.

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