Synthetix Network SNX Overview

Overview of Synthetix (SNX) - Cutting Edge DeFi Trading

By Crypto JBro | Crypto JBro | 4 Oct 2021

Here's my quick video overview of Synthetix (SNX).  It's an exchange that uses derivatives of assets for its users to trade on-chain.  This is a highly speculative and new financial technology, so tread carefully and do your research.

I'm not a financial professional and this is not advice.  It's for information only.

Thanks for watching.  Leave a comment here or on the Crypto JBro Youtube channel with a video you want to see.  I'm also working on a resource website for crypto people:

Watch out for scams.  A ton are going around.  Make sure you are using official apps.  Be careful where you donate.  Never give out your seed phrases EVER!!

-Crypto JBro

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Crypto JBro
Crypto JBro

I study and make content about crypto, blockchain, mass adoption, and DEXs. I'm on Youtube and Twitter, too. I've been researching and investing in crypto since 2017. I am not a financial professional. This is not advice. Please do your own research.

Crypto JBro
Crypto JBro

I research and make content about macro crypto, blockchain, and DeFi. Lately, I'm focused on DEXs, the UST stablecoin crash, and ISO 20022 adoption. I also share my crypto research methods, and about some of the underlying technology. I make videos about it all on my Crypto JBro Youtube channel. This is not financial advice. I am not a financial professional. It is for information and entertainment only. Do your own research before investing.

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