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August Recap, September Preview for Crypto is Easy

By MarkHelfman | Crypto is Easy | 4 Sep 2020

Bitcoin’s price is dropped but DeFi is exploding. The bull market is confirmed.

Enjoy it! At some point, the crypto market will crash. Always does. We average roughly 3 crashes of 30% or more each year during bull markets.

(Yes, the recent drop was not a crash. Down 10% in a day is normal in crypto.)

We will get a proper crash soon. The only question is how high we will go before the crash and how far we fall during it. Or maybe that crash already started?

That’s a conversation for another day . . . but maybe sooner than you think. Read below for a recap of last month’s posts and what we can look forward to in September.

What you missed in August

What to expect in September

  1. More perspective on the global financial crisis, crypto developments, and what it all means for bitcoin and altcoins.

  2. Bitcoin and altcoin market updates.

  3. An interview with a cryptocurrency founder.

  4. Two altcoin recommendations.

  5. More YouTube videos and updates to My Plan for Bitcoin’s Bull Market.

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Relax and enjoy the ride!

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