Publish0x payouts in 2021

How much did Publish0x users earn in 2021?

Publish0x payout raport for 2021

Are you curious how much Publish0x users earned in 2021? I summarized the reports published by @igort and here are the results.


Unfortunately, there are no updates after November 2021. Maybe we can convince the author to keep the summaries going? Who supports this idea should write a comment here or under some post @igort.


This is the breakdown of payouts by cryptocurrency. Publish0x has rewarded authors in several cryptocurrencies. In the beginning 2021 were BAT, ETH and AMPL, later iFARM and FARM joined. Now the tips are in AMPL and STA. BTW. feel free to leave some tip under this text. Thank you in advance!

Total in 2021 authors paid out for tips and prizes in Publish0x contests:

18945.56 BAT
135.944 iFARM
29.32885 ETH
85.4005 FARM
55448.72 AMPL

Which were worth almost $160,000 or over $208,000 if users held them until today.


That's how many payouts there were from Publish0x in each month of 2021. That's about how many active authors we have on Publish0x, because to raise the amount to pay out your tips you have to write at least a few posts or one really good one. One of them is me, because I managed to make my first small payouts from Publish0x already, so I confirm that the cryptocurrencies have arrived in my wallet.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to keep up the pressure to keep the reports coming. Perhaps then the same summary for 2022 will appear.

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