Unstoppable Domains and how they can usher in a more user friendly era.

By KhangsingC | Crypto Information | 21 Aug 2020

I am just going to explain real quick on how Unstoppable Domains work, why you should get one and why I am going to be getting one. The long and convoluted addresses that are used for Crypto transactions are part of the blockchain and therefore necessary but by creating an Unstoppable Domain you can link your addresses to basically a certain keyword and make the use of receiving cryptocurrency much more simplified and as well as sharing your address. Imagine a future where crypto goes worldwide would it be more simple to send your username like we have in social media to identify eachother or to send our long pin that is part of the blockchain? I definitely think the pin isn't too confusing but the ease of simplicity and just shortened version of things is how the internet works and I definitely believe if crypto has a future this will be a part of it. The link im sending you is my referral link but you will receive a 10$ discount on your first purchase so its a win-win if you don't want to use my link that is fine, either way I believe that unstoppable domains will be a good early investment.

If you want an Unstoppable Domain just check out Unstoppabledomains.com


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Crypto Information
Crypto Information

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